Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Proposal: Let’s Start Planting

Vetoed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 18 May 2011 05:46:53 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule titled “Planting” with the following text:

There exist a number of types of Seeds listed in the Gardening Compendium wiki page, each with its own unique attributes.  Each Seed must have at least a Name, Sun Cost, and Shade Requirement. At any time, a Farmer may Plant a Seed if he has a number of Sun that is at least the Sun Cost of the Seed.  In order to Plant a Seed, the Farmer must subtract the Sun Cost of the desired Seed from his Sun and then replace the contents of one of the Squares in their Plot with the Seed provided that Square’s Shade is at least the Shade Requirement of the Seed at which point the Seed becomes a Crop with the same attributes of the Seed from which it came.

Crops may also have some kind of effect on Gamestate.  For the purposes of the effects of Crops, the Farmer who owns the Square that the Crop is in is called the Planter.

Revert all changes to the Gardening Compendium wiki page since this proposal was posted.



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against This rule is pretty awkwardly worded, and I can see something like five scams from a literal reading of it: subtracting a value from another doesn’t necessarily make you do anything with the result (compare to “spending ... Sun Cost” or “reducing Sun Cost by ...”); if Seeds become Crops, then clearly they have to be removed from the Gardening Compendium wiki page as they aren’t seeds any more; many types of Seed aren’t valid because their attributes aren’t unique (e.g. multiple crops have a Shade Requirement of 1); nothing says that Seeds are limited to the ones in the Gardening Compendium wiki page (in fact, the rule arguably even gives a method of defining more, by giving its stats!); and nothing seems to limit what sort of effects Crops can have on Gamestate (which is really problematic if people can define their own Seeds).

Presumably the rule isn’t meant to be taken literally, but rather on a “what it’s meant to mean” basis, which can make it very hard to play a dynasty if different people have different ideas about what the rule means.


05-17-2011 19:13:24 UTC

against per ais


05-17-2011 19:15:11 UTC

Ok, this time I agree with what you’re saying.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any proposal slots to repropose this.


05-17-2011 19:15:43 UTC

veto Until the above issues can be fixed.


05-17-2011 19:21:55 UTC

Mmmh, BNscript does not see the seal…


05-17-2011 19:24:07 UTC

against I don’t see a problem with the subtraction wording as is, though it could be sharpened.

Also, no problem with Seeds becoming Crops, though it could be stated more clearly.  As I read it, the wiki page lists the types of seeds; to plant, you replace the contents of one of your empty or occupied Squares with a copy of the seed, and then your copy turns into a crop.

The unique thing is a valid problem, though easily fixable.

Again, not really a problem with the only source of seeds being the wiki page.  Don’t we do this sort of thing all the time?  The ruleset says “There exists types of X, listed below” [or: on a wiki page, or listed as subrules, etc.]  Once there is such a sentence in the ruleset, seeds are now regulated by the rules and are gamestate, so you can’t just go inventing new ones.

This rule should specify all possible “attribute” categories a seed might have, not just the required ones.

Ienpw III:

05-17-2011 19:45:11 UTC

I prefer things like seed types to be listed in the ruleset itself rather than a wiki page, but that’s just my preference.


05-17-2011 19:59:49 UTC

@Ely: you need to tell the script who the new Emperor is, it still thinks Purplebeard (or maybe even me) is in charge, and thus that Yoda can’t veto proposals. (There should be a settings button top-right on the blog homepage.)


05-17-2011 20:07:59 UTC

@Hix: it’s the difference between saying that a page lists a number of types of seed, and that the list of seeds is found at a particular page. That is, “There exist a number of types of Seeds listed in the Gardening Compendium wiki page” vs. “There exist a number of types of Seeds, which are listed in the Gardening Compendium wiki page”. The second implies it’s a complete list, the first doesn’t.


05-17-2011 20:14:16 UTC

[ais] I “told” him already :P
Still, it does not work.

Ienpw III:

05-17-2011 20:26:32 UTC

Doesn’t work for me, either.


05-17-2011 20:26:41 UTC

The bot is fine now ;)