Sunday, August 29, 2021

Proposal: Letting It Near Kindling

Vetoed for the start of a new dynasty. Josh

Adminned at 31 Aug 2021 13:51:45 UTC

Add the following to the Mandate List

It does not contain a link to a website

Add the following to the first paragraph of “Distinguished Legislators”

If the Crossed Legislator goes Idle, the Crossed Legislator is set to Nobody

No “enact the changes on this site” proposals to get around the 200 word limit.



29-08-2021 01:45:46 UTC

You probably want “web page” not “website”: a single page within a website is not a website itself. (I think there are still ways to scam this even with that change, but at least it would remove the most obvious.)

Clucky: he/him

29-08-2021 01:57:02 UTC

An html link is pretty clearly a link to a website in my book. Sure, you’re linking to a page on a website but you’re also linking to the website


29-08-2021 02:58:39 UTC

A link doesn’t need to specify the website at all Web browsers will look for it on the current website (so if you moved the link anywhere but BlogNomic it wouldn’t work).

As it happens, ExpressionEngine rewrites relative links in such a way that they break – it reinterprets the page link as a site link, which will therefore go to the wrong place (and implies that I can’t give you an example as it wouldn’t work). I’m not entirely sure why it does that, but it may end up fixing the proposal in an unexpected way (or alternatively, the proposal might fall afoul of the “unexpected ExpressionEngine behaviours” Fair Play clause because it looks like it’s scammable, but ExpressionEngine weirdness means that it actually isn’t).

Josh: he/they

29-08-2021 14:31:12 UTC



29-08-2021 14:52:12 UTC



29-08-2021 18:56:14 UTC


Josh: he/they

29-08-2021 21:05:17 UTC

cov against

Josh: he/they

31-08-2021 10:01:24 UTC