Friday, July 12, 2019

Level the Duel Field

Announcing a duel in the Royal Forest, known for it’s unsensational, upside-down trees, and for being located conveniently nearby.
Valid opponents: Farsight; Ienpw III; Kaia; Kevan; ubq323; The Druid
Valid judges: derrick

Wizard TyGuy6’s creatures were in a good mood. A better mood, in fact, than the aforementioned professor of arcane summoning arts himself. Muttering under his breath, he strode with his happily chirping, grounded combatants in tow. “If I’m to be doing this confangled business again, it’ll be somewhere close! And scenic! Ugh, I NEED a vacation.”


derrick: he/him

12-07-2019 14:12:20 UTC

I will judge this.


13-07-2019 07:08:00 UTC

The gloomy woods before the Farsighted Horde suddenly came alive with a great crashing and creaking; the noise of an army on the move.

“This is it!” cried Farsight, grasping his staff of power, “Fight now for honour, for the realm, and for the King!”

Then something strange happened. Just as Farsight was about to give the command to charge, an expression of confusion crossed his face. Confusion turned to disbelief, then hatred, as a tall, bearded figure emerged from the undergrowth followed by a menagerie of strange creatures.

“TyGuy6!” spat Farsight, his eyes popping with rage, “I have claimed the right to defend the Royal Forest, your very presence here is a challenge to my honour!”

“Oh no no, Farsight,” chuckled TyGuy6 smoothly, “A Wizard cannot challenge what another Wizard does not have.” Farsight flushed beetroot purple as TyGuy6 strode forwards, pulled off his glove, and used it to smack Farsight a stinging blow to the cheek.

“I claim the right to defend the Royal Forest,” said TyGuy6 in a strong, clear voice, “If you dare challenge me, I shall send you to the Underworld.”

“Aw hells naw! You just got pownzed, bruv!” drawled a voice from near Farsight’s knee.

“Silence foul, gaudy beast!” yelled Farsight at the Winged Gaudy Venomous Swan slouching next to him. “And you!” he rounded on TyGuy6, “Prepare for battle, thou villain!”

“Aw, shizzle, it’s goin’ dooown. . . “

1. Winged Gaudy Venomous Swan
2. Caterpillar
3. Armoured Wild Numbat
4. Giant Armoured Badger
5. Tactic - Pack Hunting Caterpillar


13-07-2019 16:47:42 UTC

Great flavor, haha! But wait, I need two things from you:

“may become the opponent by stating such intention in a comment”

“The duelists must submit a plan by sending a private message to the judge specifying which duel the message is for and listing an ordered list of 5 elements”

Dat swan’s gonna eat you alive…


14-07-2019 17:29:16 UTC

Haha what a numpty! Ok . . .
I will become TyGuy6’s opponent in this duel.
The rest to follow…


14-07-2019 17:34:23 UTC

Sorry for the delay!


15-07-2019 17:28:34 UTC

Ok, here it goes…!

derrick: he/him

17-07-2019 13:06:51 UTC

Royal Forest: forest nearby level

Gaudy Caterpillar (0);
Swimming(0) Winged(0) Giant(3) Zonkey [3];
Swimming(0) Winged(0) Giant(3) Emu[3];
Winged(0) Fire-Breathing(3) Swimming(0) Giant(3) Armored(2) Numbat [8];
Swimming(0) Giant(3) Winged(0) Badger [3]

Winged Gaudy Venomous(2) Swan [2]
Caterpillar [3]
Armoured(2) Wild Numbat[3]
Giant(3) Armoured(2) Badger [5]
Tactic - Pack Hunting Caterpillar[0]

Tyguy6 brings a much more expensive force, but it is less effective in the dense woods of the royal forest, far from water. Still, Tyguy achieves two wins, while farsight only attains one. Tyguy6 is triumphant, and receives three favor for his victory and one for admiration of his caterpillar.