Thursday, February 28, 2019

Proposal: Level Up!

Became popular 4 to 0. Enacted by Derrick.

Adminned at 02 Mar 2019 22:03:16 UTC

Add a new section to the Dynastic rules titled “Levels” with the following text:

Each Adventurer has a Level tracked in the GNDT, which is an integer defaulting to 1. Each Adventurer also has Experience, Magic, and Might, each numbers tracked in the GNDT defaulting to 0.
An Adventurer’s Exp Goal is ten times their level. At any time, if an Adventurer’s Experience is equal to or greater than their Exp Goal, they may subtract their Exp Goal from their Experience to increase their Level by 1.
Whenever an Adventurer increases their Level, they may increase either their Magic or Might by 1.

In the Hunting section, add the following underneath “Remove the Target from the list of monsters in the Wilds it is in.”:

***Increase the Hunting Adventurer’s Experience by the target’s hit points.
***Increase the Experience of any Adventurer who contributed Support to this Hunt by half the target’s hit points, rounding down.

Also in the Hunting section, add the following after “Increase the Strength by the Hunting Adventurer’s support.”:

*Increase the Strength by the Hunting Adventurer’s might.

Add a new item to the list of Items in the Marketplace:

=== Summoning Pebble===
A small magic rock that, with the right incantation, can bring items out of defeated monsters.
*Scavenging Power: 2
*Can only be used by an Adventurer with Magic 1 or higher.

Add the following to the Marketplace’s List of Trades:

30 coins → 1 Summoning Pebble

Adding some reward for beating Monsters aside from items, making a small incentive to Support others, and opening the door to Magic items or possibly spells.


Oracular rufio:

01-03-2019 00:22:32 UTC

for although I certainly hope there will be more incentives to increase magic later on.

Oracular rufio:

01-03-2019 00:23:50 UTC

Also, hopefully incentives that become available before we have gained enough levels to make levelling time-consuming.  Maybe there should be a maximum Exp Goal?


01-03-2019 02:05:34 UTC

Like rufio said, magic is far too weak. Additionally, this seems a little bit too grindy for my taste. However, since I am not one of the ones actually playing, I will leave it for those who are.  imperial

derrick: he/him

01-03-2019 13:16:25 UTC

magic and might don’t have to be balanced. It could end up that the strategy is to boost magic just enough to access items and might otherwise. We could also change it so that the higher of magic or might increases strength.

I don’t like the experience system, but its a starting point, I suppose.

a reluctant imperial


02-03-2019 05:47:55 UTC

My hope is that we would find more uses for Magic, either in items or possibly adding spells.
I hear you on the grindiness. Assuming this passes, what do people think would be a good fix? Would significantly decreasing the Exp Goal—maybe to 5x or even 3x level—be enough, or a different way to Level Up entirely?

Oracular rufio:

02-03-2019 06:20:09 UTC

Well, the average monster HP, taking into account frequency, is 4.421.  Since we generally have one move + one hunt per spawn, that’s an extremely rough estimate of the amount of XP we get per spawn.  In most systems the amount of XP you can earn gets bigger very quickly which is why the amount of XP required to level up gets bigger, but unless we create some crazy powerful monsters that’s not going to happen here.  So I think it would work better with something like 2X + 3, or 3X + 2, where the initial level costs 5 (which seems reasonable from those numbers, to me) but the subsequent levels increase by a smaller amount of points.