Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Life, liberty and the pursuit of steam-powered submarines

My friends, you have witnessed the birth of a (potentially) large corporation that is cold and merciless as so many others are. Its founder has tried to blackmail me for the fruits of my labour. Now this ‘family’ aims to rob an honest and humble entrepeneur of his business enterprise. Will I submit to their industrial might? Will I buckle under their strength? Nay! I will renew my efforts, and continue to offer this fine community the services and goods it so greatly desires and deserves. Moreover, I will strive to aid my customers with more than mere cogs and gemstones in the future.

Oppressed citizens of prince ais523’s domain, I implore you! Do not surrender your soul to some mindless corporation. Do not allow vague promises of a bright and prosperous future to cloud your vision. It is not through gear and steam alone, but through the strong hearts and ingenuity of good men and women like you that utopia will be reached! Are you content to scavenge for bits and pieces of usable material for the rest of your life, or do you dare to dream of more? Together we can reach to the heavens, as equals.

I do not ask you your loyalty. I do not ask you to become a member of a ‘family’ of slaves. All I ask of you is your friendship, and I offer mine in return. Allow me to help you to shape your own future, make the impossible possible and, most importantly, build really cool machines. Isn’t that what we were meant to do, what we desire most?

Beardco has been forced to reassess its prices once again by the ruthlessness of its competitor. I am now offering the use of my state-of-the-art facilities at the price of 1 (noncoal) resource per transaction! After the third transaction of the week, I’ll let you use them for free for the rest of the week!

Beardco. Tomorrow’s technology, today.


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