Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Life Support sabotage

This mission just failed despite being a) Rostered; b) with a valid Command Team; c) with a Command Quorum.

In other words, the mission was either Sabotaged or Tampered with by _Fox_, Sylphrena, or Brendan, even though there’d be no Clearance benefit either way from doing so. Thus, one of those three players doesn’t want Humans to be able to do Strenuous actions. (Because of this, it’s probably a good idea to vote AGAINST this proposal; there’s no longer any real Human benefit from it, whereas an Android could use it to quickly Disable Humans.)

Does anyone want to admit to having done this? (For example, _Fox_ by mistake due to failing to understand the Rostering rules.) If nobody admits to it, it’s probably a result of Android activity.



17-02-2015 20:20:27 UTC

I did not sabotage or tamper or doing anything else purposefully to break this mission. I considered strenuous actions to be more valuable than clearance decrease in this case.


17-02-2015 20:26:31 UTC

Oh good. In that case, we have definite evidence of Android activity here.

I don’t think it can be Sylphrena; his play so far has been quite consistent in doing things that basically make it impossible for him to achieve an Android victory, even if he is an Android. Thus, it’s either _Fox_ or Brendan. Leaning towards Brendan at the moment.


17-02-2015 21:11:32 UTC

Wait, why couldn’t it have been Put or Skju? They’ve been quiet so it’s unlikely, but they still could be behind this, right?


17-02-2015 21:13:16 UTC

The rules. Sabotaging only works when you’re actually on the Responder Team. Merely approving the team is insufficient. (Likewise for Tampering.)


17-02-2015 21:17:30 UTC

The fact that no-one admitted is not an indication of Android activity. Any Android is quite capable of claiming they didn’t do it. Likewise, no Human has to answer to your antics for supposedly determining who did what.


17-02-2015 21:17:42 UTC

Sorry, that was directed at ais523


17-02-2015 21:20:22 UTC

It’s rarely in the interests of a Human do to something that hurts the Human team, and doesn’t personally forward their own victory chances. And when it is, most of the time, they’re willing to explain why.

A possible explanation that wouldn’t be admitted is that one of the Humans is actively trying to help a particular Android win. In such a case, though, it’s in the Human interest to Disable that Human anyway, so they may as well be treated as an Android for this purpose.


17-02-2015 23:05:00 UTC

Brendan was the one who proposed to Flush the Marks in the first place.  Flushing Marks is a strong signal he’s an Android.  Someone who isn’t Disabled should Trial him for that.


17-02-2015 23:08:49 UTC

Oh… I understand better now. *embarrassed*


18-02-2015 07:45:23 UTC

“basically make it impossible for him to achieve an Android victory, even if he is an Android” - Unsafe assumption.  He might be planning to win with successful Trials on all the other Androids, then surviving to disable all the Humans because he’s so human-looking that they won’t suspect him until the final Phaser shot.