Monday, July 30, 2007

Proposal: Line Dance

Popping the cherry of a new dynasty. Josh

Adminned at 31 Jul 2007 10:22:16 UTC

Add a Dynastic Rule. Call the Dynastic Rule. “The Monkey Line”

  The Monkey Line is a list of the currently active Monkeys. The Monkey on the top of the list is considered to be in position one (first in line) and each successive monkey is considered to be in position N (Nth in line) where N is one more than the position of previous monkey. If a Monkey goes idle, then e is removed from the line and all of the Monkeys below eim move up one spot. Whenever a Monkey joins, e is added to the end of the line. A Monkey may, at any time, move eimself to the back of the line. (The same result could be obtained by idling and then rejoining). Occasionally the Monkey Line might become unbalanced. This occurs if there is ever a number N, greater than or equal to one, such that there is no Monkey in position N yet there is a monkey in position N + 1. If this happens, then the code monkey in position N + 1 must move to position N. The monkey line can also become unbalanced if there is ever two monkeys in the same position N. If this happens, then the monkey(s) who’s name appears later lexicographically must move to position N + 1. If there is more than one place where the monkey line is unbalanced, with the Monkey Line, the monkey preforming the change should always deal with the unbalance that appears in the lowest position. The Monkey Line is tracked in a wiki page called “Monkey Dynasty Gamestate Documents”.

Forgot I had somewhere I needed to be shortly after starting the dynasty up. So here is the monkey line proposal. Hopefully I didn’t miss any cases of code monkey.



07-30-2007 22:30:11 UTC

for A bit overelaborate with the special cases, and there’s some dodgy Spivak (“eimself”?), but it’s a start.


07-30-2007 22:39:44 UTC



07-31-2007 01:26:44 UTC

for I notice that there is no initializing of the Monkey Line.  I suppose we can move ourselves from “not in the Line” to the back (shouldn’t it be “bottom”?) of the Line.

Oracular rufio:

07-31-2007 02:39:39 UTC



07-31-2007 02:49:37 UTC

for It’s a start at least :)


07-31-2007 03:57:14 UTC


Elias IX:

07-31-2007 05:33:00 UTC


As in true government, I didn’t even read the proposal.


07-31-2007 06:53:41 UTC

for I’m assuming the fixing proposal does, well, fix any problems with the monkey line.


07-31-2007 13:50:40 UTC



07-31-2007 15:58:12 UTC



07-31-2007 17:20:12 UTC