Saturday, November 05, 2022

Proposal: Lining Up

Reached quorum 8 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 06 Nov 2022 09:27:59 UTC

Add a new Dynastic Rule to the Ruleset. Call it “Attractions and Queues”, and give it the following text:

There are several Attractions whose information is tracked in the Information Center, generally defined in Attraction List subrules. The Proprietor may re-order Attractions within the Visitor Center but should only move recently added Attractions. Each Attraction has a list of Visitors present, tracked in the Information Center. A given Visitor can only be at one Attraction at a time, and adding them to one Attraction removes them from all other Attractions.

Some Attractions are Gated, notated by (G) after the Attraction’s name in the Information Center.

Some Attractions are Queues where explicitly defined as such by other rules. Queues’ visitor lists are strictly ordered - the top or start of the list is the front of the queue, and the bottom or end of the list is the back.

A Visitor may Walk to any non-Gated Attraction at any time, putting themselves at the bottom of that Attraction’s List.

Add a subrule to “Attractions and Queues” called “Rushing Queues” and give it the following text:

Each Visitor may Rush a Queue if they have not previously Rushed any Queue during the current Turn. To do so, they roll DICEX where X is one plus the number of Visitors currently in that Queue who were added to it during the current turn. They subtract one from the result, add themselves to the back of the Queue, then advance that many places in the Queue.

Add a new Dynastic Rule to the Ruleset. Call it “Turns” and give it the following text:

A Rule that makes an Attraction into a Queue shall also specify a Front Effect. Front Effects should generally remove the front Visitor from that Queue in addition to whatever else they do, and this is the default Front Effect if a Queue has none explicitly specified.

If the Proprietor has not done so in the past 46 hours, he may Advance the Queues as an atomic action with the following steps:
* For each Queue that has Visitors in it, in the order the Queues appear in the Information Center, carry out its Front Effect.

A Turn is a period between two instances of Advancing the Queues, or between the dynasty start and the first instance of Advancing the Queues, or after the last instance of Advancing the Queues. Things that happen as part of an instance of Advancing the Queues are considered to have happened during the preceding Turn.

Create a dynastic rule called “Attraction List” with the following text:

In a Queue’s Front Effect “Admit N:”, where N is a positive integer, is a shorthand for “Do the following to each of the first N Visitors in this Queue in order, or all of them if there are less than N, then move those visitors to the Plaza if they’re still in this Queue:”

If an Attraction has an “Admit N” in its Front Effect, the value of N should be noted for convenience in its entry at the Information Center.

Create a subrule to “Attraction List” called “Plaza” with the text:

The Plaza is an Attraction that can never be Gated, and is the default for any variable whose set of valid values is all Attractions. New players start at the end of the Plaza list.

Create a subrule to “Attraction List” called “Ferris Wheel” with the text

The Ferris Wheel is a Queue. Its Front Effect is “Admit 2: nothing.”

Create a subrule to “Attraction List” called “Maze” with the text

The Maze is a Gated Attraction. When a Visitor attempts to Walk or Rush a Queue to leave the Maze, they must first roll DICE2. On a 1, they fail to move and cannot Walk or Rush any Queue for the rest of the Turn.

The Maze Line is a Queue. Its Front Effect is “Admit 3: Move the Visitor to the Maze if the Maze has less than 5 Visitors in it.”

Put all Visitors in the Plaza in the same order they appear in the sidebar.


JonathanDark: he/him

05-11-2022 08:59:03 UTC

Recommend adding the phrase “except during the atomic action of Advance the Queues” to the end of “A Visitor may Walk to any non-Gated Attraction at any time” in case it takes a measurable amount of time for the Proprietor to carry out the Advance the Queues Front effects. This prevents visitors from walking to non-gated attractions during the Advance the Queues action. Even though this action is labeled “atomic”, the other phrase “at any time” might cause conflict.

Kevan: he/him

05-11-2022 09:49:42 UTC

I unidle myself, quorum rises to 8.

for but a good call from JonathanDark, which will have to be a subsequent proposal from someone now that we’re out of the four-hour edit window.

Josh: Ascendant he/they

05-11-2022 10:20:18 UTC


Raven1207: he/him

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