Friday, March 13, 2009

Link Color

Any chance the link color can change? Its making all the proposals look like they have been visited or gone overtime.




03-13-2009 20:33:42 UTC

What do you mean by “visited”? And don’t they go bold and italic when they’ve timed out?

The CSS you need to change is the “a:link” stuff at the top of the stylesheet template - feel free to fix anything you think is a problem.


03-13-2009 21:07:39 UTC

kev, from what I’ve seen the links darken when visited and go red when timed out. I don’t think they go bold and italic.


03-13-2009 21:11:22 UTC

Testing it with an old proposal; the timestamp also turns red when the proposal times out, which seems clear enough.


03-13-2009 22:14:22 UTC

eh I guess. I just know at first glance I was like “there are already proposals that need to be passed/failed????”


03-14-2009 18:29:36 UTC

Any chance for a new veto icon, while we’re at it?