Thursday, October 05, 2006

Proposal: Linking everything together

Times out at 3-1. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 07 Oct 2006 03:59:20 UTC

Add a subrule to the Rule entitled “Politics in the Garden”.  Give it the title “Politicalities” and the following text:

Having various Inclinations has some other effects:
Anarchist- These Vegetables are considered to be Rotten for the purposes of this Rule.
Communist- If more than one Vegetable has this Inclination, each Vegetable in this faction with an Exoticity less than 2 may often decrease by 1 the Net Worth of another Vegetable with Communist Inclination and a higher Net Worth than em, in order to increase eir own Net Worth by 1.
Dictatorship-These Vegetables fiercely support the Top Banana and will likely oppose all attepmts to de-throne em.  The effects of having this Inclination are varied and listed in the appropriate rule(s).
Democratic- When the votes are counted on a Proposal, the value of each vote from a Democratic Vegetable is multiplied by eir Exoticity.  One Veggie, one vote.  At least in theory…
Monarchist- A Monarchist Vegetable’s Royal Blood Score(RBS) is equal to eir Tastiness times eir Exoticity.  If the total Net Worth of all Vegetables with this inclination is greater than the total net worth of all Vegetables with other Inclinations besides Anarchist,  then the Monarchist Vegetable with the highest RBS has acheived victory unless another Monarchist Vegetable has the same RBS.
Tangelocracy- These seedy Veggies know that money can buy anything.  Any Vegetable with this Inclination and may reduce eir Net Worth by 35 to become Mischevious.  E may also reduce eir Net Worth by 15 to make another Vegetable Fried.  However, if either of these would make eir Net Worth negative, goons show up and set eir Net Worth and Exoticity to 0 and Healthfulness to 1, at which point eir Inclination becomes Anarchist.
Theocracy- Each Vegetable with this Inclination may often make a comment to the GNDT with text “Praying for rain.  DICE20”.  If the result of the DICE roll is 3, e increases eir Tastiness by 3.  If the result is 2, e increases the Tastiness of all Vegetables with this Inclination by 2.  If the result is 18, 19 or 20, e increases everyone’s Tastiness by 1, except for eir own.


Elias IX:

05-10-2006 11:53:09 UTC

I spot a victory condition…

Clucky: he/him

05-10-2006 12:43:34 UTC

The victory condition doesn’t really seem to fit in with the rest of the rule. Maybe monarchists could instead just skip the dice role when influenceing other vegtables.


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05-10-2006 15:04:56 UTC

Anarchist: Being “considered Rotten for the purposes of this Rule”??? I doubt that has the effect you think it does. If the intent is for Anarchist Vegetables not to count as Vegetables for the purposes of the Rule (the italics in the Monarchy section certainly support this), it should just say that.  Besides, even that is dangerously self-referential (cf. “Disobey this Rule”).

Democratic: Look for situations in which it is up to the whim of the administrator as to whether a proposal is enacted or failed (e.g. the proposal has a quorum of FOR votes, but also has more AGAINST than FOR).

Tangelocracy: Tangelocratic Veggies can use their abilities any number of times without fear of triggering the drawback, since thier Net Worths never go negative by the Glossary—“...any action that would set those values below zero instead sets them to zero.”



05-10-2006 23:23:23 UTC

Anarchist:Intended, moderated by def. of Rotten in Law 1.2
Democratic: Also intended, this time as a check on Democrats’ power
Tangelocracy: You quoted it yourself.  “any action that would set those values below zero”.  This Rule applies in the same way to certain actions which set Net Worth to below zero.