Friday, August 19, 2011

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Self-killed, failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 Aug 2011 01:33:58 UTC

Add a new rule, called “01100101”:

There may be an Entity in the Arena, called “The Bomb Bot”, that has IconBot.png as its Icon and is a Large Object.
If there is not an istance of “The Robot” in the Arena, any Gladiator may “Summon the Bot” by rolling DICE7 in the GNDT. If the square on the intersection between the “I” column and the row marked with the number rolled plus one is Empty the Bot shall Enter the Arena in that square.
If an Instance of the Robot existed at the most recent Turn Boundary, no Gladiator may take Main Actions until someone has “Moved the Bot”.
If no Gladiator has Moved the Bot during the current Turn, any Gladiator may move the Bot by making it Step once towards the Left. If this is not possible, it shall Explode instead.
The Bot is considered to be a Gladiator for all the Dynastic rules excluded “Species”, “Icons”, “Weapons” and “Altar of Mayhem” and with the following exceptions:
* It may Explode: All the Gladiators on squares adjacent to the Bot die and gain 1 Foul. All the Temporary Entities (except Laser Beans) adjacent to the Destination are removed from the Arena. The Bot Dies.
* Whenever it should Die by other means than Acid Pools, it Explodes instead.
* Whenever it should move to a square containing a Crate or a CUP, that Entitiy is removed from the Arena, and the Bot activates his Lateral Cannons: all the Gladiators on the same column as the Destination Die and get 1 Foul. This replaces the normal process another Gladiator would do in this case.

This would be fun. It gets new ways to get Frags and new ways to get Fouls, since it can’t gain Frags on its own. It’s still very slow, so avoiding its explosions shouldn’t be a problem.
Note that it can’t be killed using weapons.



19-08-2011 19:12:10 UTC

imperial I like it. Would be FOR if I understood the last sentence “This replaces the normal process another Gladiator would do in this case.”


19-08-2011 19:48:22 UTC

against because I don’t like Fouls being handed out for someone else’s action.  Frag removal would be better.

redtara: they/them

19-08-2011 20:38:19 UTC


Kevan: Oracle he/him

20-08-2011 09:25:30 UTC

against You seem to be referring to this thing as “The Bot”, “The Robot” and “The Bomb Bot”, which causes some problems; we can continually summon it, because there will never be an instance of “The Robot” in the Arena.

And I’m with Bucky on the Fouls - so far, Fouls have been penalties for illegal or sneaky actions which the audience would disapprove of. It seems wrong to be handing them out for being killed by a robot.

Prince Anduril:

20-08-2011 09:57:41 UTC

against Yep - Would be much better to award people frags if they caught someone out.


20-08-2011 22:12:38 UTC

against SK


20-08-2011 22:14:18 UTC

And the Bomb Bot, Bot and Robot confusion is because I wrote this Proposal during two different days with an interval of almost a week :P