Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Proposal: Lockbox Craction Lack Fix

reached quorum with 1 governmental def 4-0 enacted by card

Adminned at 07 Feb 2018 19:20:55 UTC

Immediately after: “Between 1 and 6. The lockbox contains a randomly chosen (by dice roll in GNDT) item from the Supplies that can appear in a Crate (The lockbox is destroyed).” in the lockbox description, add the words:

If a lockbox results in an item that can be worn, the Resident opening the lockbox must choose whether or not to wear that item a part of the craction of opening the lockbox.

Anyone who has previously opened Lockbox(es) and found wearable item(s) can choose once whether to wear the item(s) or not after this rule is enacted.

Wordy, but it fixes not being able to wear clothing you get from a lockbox



02-06-2018 19:52:05 UTC

I don’t believe it’s an issue, because we have this already.

A Resident may change which Supplies they are Wielding and/or Wearing, as a Craction.

I don’t see how you would’nt be able to wear Lockbox items, unless I’m missing something…


02-06-2018 21:05:57 UTC

You only get one craction per crate, and opening a lockbox is a craction. This means you can’t both open the box and then equip the item you get in the same craction… without this rule. I think?


02-06-2018 21:50:59 UTC

Seems odd that this amendment only applies to Blankets, since Hard-Hats, Backpacks and Fibreboard don’t affect stats when worn.

Even if they were all wearable, though, Lockboxes still don’t seem that exciting when you’re trading two items for a random one that you might not even want. Or, even worse, zero items and some serious stat damage.

Maybe it’s time to say that all Lockboxes are safe to open, and contain 1 Money.


02-06-2018 21:59:24 UTC

Hmm. I’ll modify the stats part, but lockboxes 1. don’t consume the key, always and 2. are intended to be a framework for more random events with stronger outcomes, to make it riskier/rewardier. in my eyes, at least.


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