Monday, January 05, 2009


I just noticed something. Every Citizen has to follow the rules of every Faction.

Simple: Every Faction’s ruleset has this sentence:
“This is the official Ruleset for BlogNomic, all Citizens shall obey it.”



01-05-2009 02:43:32 UTC

if you would really like to get into it, then we can, or you can propose a rule to fix your loophole, or you can ignore it.


01-05-2009 20:48:15 UTC

I don’t think it works anyways. It would be like the constitution of one country claiming to be the constitution of the whole continent.


01-05-2009 21:19:24 UTC

Replace ‘BlogNomic’ with ‘X Faction’?


01-05-2009 21:33:43 UTC

In reality, they’re just 3 seperate games that all have the same name.