Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Proposal: Loopholemania redux

2-2.  Timed out, failed. —Excalabur

Adminned at 23 Sep 2005 17:03:29 UTC

Rewrite the Hostile Takeover rule to read:

If a Territory is Occupied by a Country, that Country has a population in that Territory greater than 1/4 the native population rounded up to the nearest integer, and there is not a hostile population in that Territory, the Country may initiate a Hostile Takeover of the Territory.  To do so, e must {Make a Post} titled Hostile Takeover of ((Territory)).  The Territory then has a hostile population equal to the population of the Country initiating the Hostile Takeover in that territory. Changes to the hostile population of a territory are reflected in the population of the Country initiating the Hostile Takeover in that Territory, and vice-versa.  3 days after this post occurs, several events occur (in order, but logically instantaneously):

  1. Population Revolt - The native population of the Territory fights back, and the hostile population loses DICEY, where Y is the hostile population.  If, after this step finishes, the hostile population is 0, the Hostile Takeover has failed, and the Territory no longer has a hostile population.
  2. Supression - The hostile population kills the native population as a sign of strength, and the native population loses DICEZ population, where Z is the hostile population times 2.
  3. Emigration - The native population gives up and many of the population emigrates to neighboring territories. The Territory loses DICEW population, where W is the native population amount. All adjacent Territories gain native population of DICEW / N rounded up, where N is the number of Territories adjacent to that Territory.  Any other Country’s population in the territory is reduced to 0, and a Territory controlled by the Country chosen by the Country initiating the takeover gains an amount of population equal to the Country’s population equal to the amount before the reduction.
  4. Control - The remaining hostile population is added to native population, and the Territory is changed to be Controlled by the Country initiating the Hostile Takeover. The Territory no longer has a hostile population.

This rewrite should have similar effects as the old rule, but with many clarifications due to the addition of the hostile population terminology.  No punishments, no nullifications.



09-22-2005 05:29:24 UTC

for I think this works.


09-22-2005 14:43:28 UTC

I like the hostile population terminology. But why did you add that last bit to the Emigration rule? That seems to be exploitable - it doesn’t say that the Country that initiated the takeover cannot choose itself to gain population.


09-23-2005 01:02:09 UTC

Yeah, but they’d still be the other person’s people, no?

Do i really want to have a bunch of your people in, say, my homeland?


09-23-2005 01:40:49 UTC

Yea, that’s actually meant to be the Country that the population is from, the idea is to return other country’s populations.  A small fix may be in order.  I was mostly focused on the hostile population terminology.


09-23-2005 12:37:28 UTC

against Only because Part 3 is not so clear.


09-23-2005 16:09:35 UTC

for for lack of anything better at the moment. Some vagueness will still have to be fixed.


09-24-2005 00:02:46 UTC

against CoV.  The only significant change is the emigration bit, and it’s unclear.  Re-up with that fixed.