Friday, August 03, 2018

Proposal: Loose end cleanup

Self-killed. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 05 Aug 2018 16:45:32 UTC

Repeal No Lame Scams

Remove “The Immortal will maintain a stickied post with the title “Akashic Records” and will make a comment each weekday containing the text “X has been Reincarnated” where X is a list of all Mortals Reincarnated for that day” from the ruleset.

Remove “Percentage of Time (PT) represents how much of a percentage of life time has control over you. It is a percentage equal to (the Mortal’s HP minus IP) divided by 200.” from the ruleset.

Change “Every weekday at 00:00:00 UTC the following effects occur in order if the Clock’s state is ticking:” to

Once the Clock’s state is set to ticking, the very first Reaping happens on the next weekday at 00:00:00 UTC. Each Reaping happens on a weekday one hour ahead of the previous Reaping’s time. When a Reaping occurs the following effects happen:

Change “The Immortal rolls DICE50” to “A DICE50 is rolled”

Append to “Time Reaper”

After a Reaping happens, no Mortal may take Dynastic actions until the gamestate is updated for the Reaping. Any Mortal or Immortal may update the gamestate after a Reaping. Mortals and the Immortal are encouraged to make a blogpost that contains the next date and time a Reaping occurs after updating the gamestate.



08-03-2018 17:56:42 UTC

What advantage does “gamestate automatically and platonically updates itself at 23:00, waits for someone to manually update it at some point” have over “gamestate is updated manually, anyone can update it from 23:00”? The confusion seems like a big downside, and tacitly encouraging people to rush in at 23:01 and take some legal action that they know will be fine, without needing to update anyone else’s stats if they don’t feel like calculating a full Reap, seems like a bad direction to head.


08-03-2018 18:55:00 UTC

can we track the next update reaping time on the immortal’s age? just thought it might be nice.


08-03-2018 22:41:28 UTC

Ah, I may have missed “no Mortal may take Dynastic actions until” if that wasn’t an edit. But that makes it functionally the same as having the update done non-platonically, really.



08-04-2018 00:28:40 UTC

[Kevan] That wasn’t an edit. And there is a difference from before where only a single person would do the reaping vs allowing anyone to do it. The prevention of Dynastic actions prevents what you outlined in your first comment while also enforcing the timezone balancing mechanic.

[derrick] that might be fine, perhaps i was being a bit paranoid about GNDT only activities which have stifled a few dynasties in the past. we can see from the previous one that it’s not always necessary to have actions which make blogposts.


08-04-2018 11:55:01 UTC

against “Each Reaping happens on a weekday one hour ahead of the previous Reaping’s time” means most literally to me that the Reaping happens every hour except on weekends.


08-04-2018 17:25:33 UTC

against ah i forgot to make it say on the next day


08-05-2018 08:32:01 UTC

[card] Am just not seeing much difference between “from time X onwards, any player may perform a Reaping” and “at time X a Reaping happens invisibly, and then any player may calculate and apply the effects of that Reaping”. The latter just has an added side-effect of preventing other game actions for the potentially hours-long gap between time and calculation, where the first would allow it - not sure how good or bad that really is, though.