Friday, November 08, 2019

Story Post: [Lore] As the Dramatic, Spooky Music Plays

Cries of “He approaches!” and “Over there!” rent the air. TyGuy6 was having a good time, except that he couldn’t figure out how to use his weapon!

He stepped forward. He stopped. He kicked out high in the air. Darn these controls! He opened his haversack and looked inside. No, that’s Inventory! Oh, well, I’ll figure it out later.

The dark cloud surrounding what used to be his ally swirled and writhed. Another of his allies shouted some orders. TyGuy6, we need you!

TyGuy6 walked down a corridor, inadvertently sliding his left shoulder along the wall. He entered what looked to be a small bedroom. He kicked a vase, and it shattered. Glowing yellow blobs floated into his haversack. Oh! Yeah, the main quest can wait, nothing bad can really happen while I’m not there, anyway. He kicked another vase. Then he opened a chest by the bedside. Some clothes lay inside.

Phooey! Chests are supposed to have treasure in them. If I ever make a game, I will make that a rule. Chests equal treasure, no exceptions. These designers, thinking they are so cool, breaking conventions and such.

...Most of the pottery in the Cathedral was desecrated that day.


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