Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Lost in transcript

Can people start PMing people wo they accuse when they make accusations? If several posts are posted in a day, spme caual players will miss if they have been accused. Thanks.


Kevan: he/him

03-08-2010 10:04:10 UTC

Are you issuing orders to Citizens of a higher Clearance, there, Wakukee-BGN-1?


03-08-2010 10:16:56 UTC

In the vast majority of nomics, it’s generally considered to be the responsibility of players to follow everything that goes on. (I admit that BlogNomic makes it difficult compared to an email nomic, but it’s still possible with the help of tools like alethiosparrowscript and RSS feeds.)

Kevan: he/him

03-08-2010 10:32:15 UTC

If it’s actually a problem, then we should either enforce PMing as part of the rule, or just have less of penalty for overlooking or choosing to ignore the post.

Kevan: he/him

03-08-2010 13:05:30 UTC

And oh, can people stop stickying messages they’ve unilaterally decided are important enough to bolt onto the page header? We should maybe formalise some kind of system for which posts can be sticky, and whether they have to look visibly different to normal posts. Some of us check the game by visiting the front page, and if the top message is the same informal request it was a few hours ago, they may assume nothing has changed.


03-08-2010 13:29:45 UTC

PMing is not a formal accusation. The rule specifies that a Story Post must be made. The only way to switch to PMs is by Proposal.


03-08-2010 13:45:44 UTC

An informal rule that the Emperor (and nobody else) can sticky anything has been pretty much what we’ve been following in past dynasties. Perhaps we should formalise that.


03-08-2010 14:59:19 UTC

I just realized that you mean PM in addition to the Story Post. That would be acceptable, but since, as Kevan pointed out, it is not mandated by the rule, I wouldn’t count on a PM.


03-08-2010 15:17:15 UTC

ais523: But what if the Emperor is not an admin? Such as in your own dynasties?


03-08-2010 15:20:49 UTC

ais: When has that been an informal rule?


03-08-2010 15:34:33 UTC

@Qwaz: It’s something I deduced from observing behaviour over the course of several dynasties; nearly always, nothing was stickied except by the Emperor. Either it’s a huge coincidence, or people were following it subconciously.


03-08-2010 16:52:31 UTC

What about links in the sidebar to all pending accusations? The list would not be gamestate of course.