Thursday, May 03, 2007

Proposal: Machine Fix

Adminned by Alethiophile.

Adminned at 05 May 2007 09:57:14 UTC

Add the following Position to the list:


  • Name: Operator
  • Job Type: Laborer
  • Job Requirements: Occasionally, any Worker at this Position may make the Machine Running.

Change this in rule “The Machine in Action”

When the Machine is Standing by, it becomes Running if any of the following occur:

    The order or contents of the list of Parts on the “Machine Parts” page or of the list of Variables on the “Machine Variables” page change (including the addition or removal of a Part or Variable).
  • A Worker is added to or removed from the list of Active Workers in the blog sidebar.
  • A Proposal becomes Enacted. In this case, the specified effects of said Proposal occur before the Machine becomes Running.
  • A value which the Ruleset requires to be tracked in the GNDT changes.


The Machine is made Running by an Operator.



05-03-2007 22:13:47 UTC

against The whole “Running” vs. “Standing by” distinction really only necessary to break out of cycles.  The cause/effect relationships inherent in the machine are always active.  Gravity, for instance, is not going to stop pulling things downwards just because an Operator hasn’t yet given the “go ahead”.

Besides, you’re replacing too much of the MiA Rule (“When the Machine is Standing by, it becomes Running if any of the following occur:” should stay)


05-03-2007 22:50:25 UTC



05-03-2007 23:06:31 UTC

I like the idea of the Operator, that can make the machine run, but Hix does have a point.  against


05-04-2007 13:20:00 UTC

against per hix


05-04-2007 14:42:12 UTC



05-04-2007 15:57:02 UTC

against Perhaps you’re right. Anyway, I’ll make a new version that keeps the machine run rules.