Thursday, February 08, 2018

Proposal: Magnets, how do they work?

Reached quorum 4 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 09 Feb 2018 16:45:03 UTC

Add to Supplies

*Blanket Blueprints: Structural. If the User has a Sewing Kit and Fabric, they may as a craction destroy a Fabric that they have and these Blueprints to add a Blanket into their inventory.
*Placebo Bracelet Blueprints: Structural. If the User has a Rope and Magnet, they may as a craction, destroy a Magnet, Fabric that they have and these Blueprints to add a Placebo Bracelet to their inventory.
*Magnet: The User may, as a craction, swap an iron supply that is not being weilded and is in a different inventory with this supply. Iron supplies are: Magnet, Crowbar, Nails and Lockbox Key.
*Placebo Bracelet: Clothing(Wrist). Structural. A Resident wearing a Placebo Bracelet gains 1 Health each time they take an Iron supply from a Crate.

Change “Sewing Kit:” to

Sewing Kit: The User may take a craction to work on turning the clothes on their back into something more useful. The fourth time the User takes this action they may randomly add one non-Structural Clothing supply to their inventory. The amount of times the User has taken this action is tracked in an integer enclosed in parenthesis following the Sewing Kit in the Users Inventory. A User can only take this action 4 times this dynasty.

Change “Nails:” to

Nails: If the User has a Toolbox they may, as a craction, nail the Crate closed and destroy these Nails. When the next Resident takes an item from the Crate, they work together with everyone who has the same priority to open the Crate again and all of those Residents take one less (minimum 0) craction for that crate.
I originally intended the building supplies to be inherently useful so that so that the supplies queue wasn’t filled with useless things that you need to have a single Blueprints item to have any utility. I just couldn’t think of what to write for some of the items.



02-08-2018 04:09:32 UTC

Interesting use for Nails.

Prov. Greentick.


02-08-2018 04:31:19 UTC

“attack the sheet”, although that’s not always appropriate for nomic.
also I couldn’t think of much that would work thematically for nails


02-08-2018 08:50:46 UTC



02-08-2018 16:11:17 UTC

I’m liking giving things qualities like magnetism. Gives me ideas.  for


02-08-2018 23:18:42 UTC