Thursday, December 07, 2006

Proposal: Make Clucky Librarian

48 hours is up. According to the rules of Librarian Elections, this passes 50 to 5. Enacted by Clucky.

Adminned at 09 Dec 2006 14:04:24 UTC

Bucky has had the job long enough. Time for change. Here is a rough draft of the rules I will begin using if I am elected:

1)Every student, including the Librarian, has a set number of freshly baked cookies from the Academy Dining Hall, which are tracked column in the GNDT called “Cookies”.

2)Cookies may be earned in the following ways:
a)Anytime a student writes a proposal which passes, e gains one cookie.
b)Occasionally, a student my make a comment of “BAKE DICE3”. E gains cookies equal to the value of the role.
c)Often, a student may make a comment to the GNDT of “WAGER N XXX DICE2” Where XXX is the name of another student and N is a integer number of cookies posses by both the target and the student making the comment. If the result of the DICE2 check is a one, the student making the comment steals N of the targeted student’s cookies. If the result of the DICE2 check is a two, the student making the comment must give N of eir cookies to the targeted student.
d)Any time a student takes an action that causes another student, besides the librarian, to become lost, e gains all cookies possessed by that student.

3)At any time a non-librarian student by purchase a tome from the librarian by giving the librarian a number of cookies equal to the value of the tome. Tomes are valued as follows:
i)Unlimited Copies, or 5 or more available copies: 5 cookies
ii)3 or 4 available copies: 6 cookies
iii)2 available copies: 8 cookies
iv)1 available copy: 10 cookies

Add a column to the GNDT called “Cookies”.



12-07-2006 20:36:00 UTC

for I like it better than Bucky’s.


12-07-2006 21:13:36 UTC

imperial .  Actually, make that a against  unless you keep the Book of the Week program.


12-07-2006 21:17:30 UTC

against cookies?


12-07-2006 21:26:55 UTC

This and book of the week would make too many books Bucky.

Elias IX:

12-08-2006 02:33:50 UTC

Here’s my sleeping vote:  for


12-08-2006 05:28:39 UTC

for There are other uses for cookies… temptation, force-feeding, and sanity issues abound!


12-08-2006 09:08:35 UTC

Although a different name would be good. How about Clues, like in Arkham Horror (a Cthulhu mythos board game)


12-08-2006 12:41:00 UTC



12-08-2006 19:12:13 UTC

Current vote count:

45 votes FOR Clucky
5 votes AGAINST Clucky

So it looks like its just a matter of 48 hours happening.


12-09-2006 02:20:16 UTC

for Though unexperienced, I vote yes.

Elias IX:

12-09-2006 14:34:04 UTC

Ah! How did that vote count happen? I don’t pay enough attention.


12-09-2006 17:47:30 UTC

Look at the rules, Elias. Election Votes are equal to your mythos plus one, or zero if you are lost. =D


12-09-2006 22:03:42 UTC

Clucky votes for: 18 votes
Thrawn votes for: 20 votes
Chronos votes for: 2 votes
Saki votes for: 8 votes
Tommy votes for, is lost: 0 votes
Elias votes for, is sleeping: 0 votes
Alethiphile votes for: 2 votes
Total votes FOR: 50

Bucky votes AGAINST 1 votes
Lambert votes AGAINST 4 votes

Final vote count: 50 FOR, 5 AGAINST. =)