Friday, January 18, 2008

Proposal: Make mine a black and tan, and I’m buying you a drink too.

reached a quorum, final vote 7-1—Yoda

Adminned at 19 Jan 2008 06:29:11 UTC

Part 1:

Add the following text to the rule “List of Drinks”

* Black and Tan - $10.  A Black and Tan may only be legally drunk by a Seated Player, during a Hand, if that Player has not Folded and if the River card for that Hand has not yet been dealt.  A Player who legally drinks a Black and Tan causes the suits of his two Hole Cards to be switched (such that if the Player’s Hole Cards were Ace of Spades, Seven of Hearts immediately before drinking the Black and Tan, then the Player’s Hole Cards become Ace of Hearts, Seven of Spades).

Part 2: 

Add the following to the rule “The Bar”:

Any Player (the “Buying Player”) may, if he has enough Money and the “Drink” statistic of a particular other Player is then set to “none”, purchase a Drink for that other Player by subtracting the cost of the drink from the Buying Player’s own “Money” statistic and entering the name of the drink in the other player’s “Drink” statistic.

Add the following to the rule “Drinking”.

No Player who has a Drink may set his own “Drink” statistic at “none” except by drinking the Drink.



18-01-2008 17:53:43 UTC

for part 1
against part 2

I specifically left this out of the original proposal because a player can force another player to have an unwanted drink that e can only get rid of by drinking.  In other words, a player can buy a Pint of Beer (which currently has no game effects) for another player to keep em from buying a potentially better drink.  I think that if you want to be able to give someone else a drink, they should at least be able to refuse it, give it back, or give it to someone else.


18-01-2008 17:55:39 UTC

I figured that this would add strategy—it would motivate everyone to buy a drink, lest someone else buy a potentially unwanted drink for them.


18-01-2008 17:56:55 UTC

Maybe this can be recast so that you can get rid of your drink either by: (1) drinking it, or (2) pouring it out (but doing that causes you to become Yellow).


18-01-2008 17:57:23 UTC



18-01-2008 19:27:22 UTC


I’m proposing the recast.


18-01-2008 20:35:28 UTC



18-01-2008 21:53:58 UTC



18-01-2008 23:53:34 UTC


Darknight: he/him

19-01-2008 02:52:46 UTC