Friday, September 09, 2005

Proposal: Make Win possible, again


Adminned at 09 Sep 2005 16:23:42 UTC

Add to Debtor’s Prison‘s list of Square 4A special properties:

* At any time, if Square 4A misses either Bk or Bl Color Code, add the missing Code to it.



09-09-2005 22:18:40 UTC

against This makes winning impossible for knights.


09-09-2005 22:26:43 UTC

Doesn’t, since Victory condition for Knights is:

* No Squares except Gaol are Black, e is a Knight and e is the Player who changed the Color of the last Black Square. The Robomuffins have been banished from the World.


09-09-2005 22:27:32 UTC

Not auto coloring Gaol to Bk and Bl makes victory impossible to both Robomuffins and Warpjumpers.


09-09-2005 22:37:39 UTC

Actually, victory is impossible for knights anyway, as 19 auto-colors itself.


09-09-2005 23:23:07 UTC

against True. S-K.