Sunday, April 04, 2010

Proposal: Making a better map

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Adminned at 04 Apr 2010 05:51:54 UTC

If the proposal “The Mountain” fails, this does nothing.

Reword the rule “The Settlement” to:

The map of the Settlement is located here. Each Location is Designated by a number followed by a letter, and Represented by one ASCII character. The legend below the map denotes what each ASCII character represents. Locations that are denoted as empty in the legend are Empty. Locations that are denoted as occupied in the legend are Occupied.

Each Colonist has a Location on the Settlement Map, represented with an “@” symbol. If a row on the Map has any @ symbols, the identity of the Colonists those symbols represent must be listed (in order from left to right) to the right of that row on the Map, if multiple Colonists occupy the same space, they will be grouped with brackets [] and separated by commas (For example: “[Player1, Player2]”).

New Colonists start at 13a if it is empty, otherwise they start in the empty location closest to 13a. (If more than one location is equally close to 13a, the tie is resolved at the decision of the Colonist.)  Each Colonist’s Location is also tracked in the GNDT which corresponds to a location on the Map.

Officially make this page part of the “gamestate” so as to cover it under Rule 1.1

Create an official backup of the Settlement Map (With no @‘s) on the wiki to be used as a reference, just in case someone were to mess up the map when moving their marker (@).



04-04-2010 02:15:27 UTC

I’m not sure but I think the @ needs to be defined at the legend as either empty or not.

Darknight: he/him

04-04-2010 02:20:39 UTC

imperial for now


04-04-2010 02:29:14 UTC

Yeah basically I’m for this, but I’m holding my vote for a while, just want to make sure I get everything clearly.


04-04-2010 05:19:13 UTC

against Not valid until I’ve unidled

See my post at for my reasoning


04-04-2010 11:37:51 UTC

against Unnecessary thanks to this