Saturday, October 25, 2008

Proposal: Making it kinda to first blood

timed out and reached a quorum, final vote 9-0—Yoda

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This is a fix on my previous proposal, I’ve tried again to please most of you with the changes.

Change the text of rule “Duels” so that it now reads:

Any Clan Lord may announce a Duel, by posting a blog entry whose title begins “Duel to X:”. The X in the Duel’s title shall be substituted for one of “First-Blood”, “Twelve Rounds” or “Glorious Death” by the Clan Lord at the time of making the post.
Any Clansman apart from the Clan Lord who announced it may step forward to fight in that Duel by posting a comment to it, stating such an intention, and listing the Items they are holding.  The first two Clansmen to do so are considered to be the Duel’s Combatants.
To fight, each Combatant must send a private message or email to the Clan Lord who announced the Duel, listing four sequential Combat Moves. Valid Combat Moves are:-

* Punch.
* Kick.
* Grab.
* Dodge.
* Use an Item (specifying one of the Items the Clansman was holding when they accepted the Duel).

When a Clan Lord has received a list of four Combat Moves from each Combatant, he works out the results of the four Combat Round, in sequence. In each Combat Round, the Combatant will perform their specified Combat Move, to the following effect.

If one Combatant Punched and the other Kicked, the Punching player is kicked back and takes Damage.
If one Combatant Kicked and the other Grabbed, the Kicking player is thrown to the floor and takes Damage.
If one Combatant Grabbed and the other Punched, the Grabbing player is intercepted and takes Damage.
If both Combatants Punched, Kicked or Grabbed one another, then the Combatant with the lowest Strength, Skill or Reflex score (respectively) takes Damage. If they have the same score, neither takes Damage.
If a Combatant used an Item, it has whatever effect is defined for using that Item in combat.

After each four Rounds, depending on the value of X on the post title, follow the corresponding paragraph:

First-Blood: Whenever a Combatant takes damage, the Combat ends and no further rounds are processed, and the other Combatant is declared the Winner. If no combatant has taken Damage this Duel (or both took damage at the same time) the Clan Lord comments that the Rounds where inconclusive, and the Combatants must resend a new list of four Combat moves.

Twelve Rounds: The Clan Lord requests additional move lists after rounds 4 and 8, then the Combatant who has dealt the most damage during all the rounds of this Combate is declared the Winner. 

Glorious Death: The Clan Lord requests additional move lists after each four rounds, and combat doesn’t stop until one of the Combatant dies, and the other Clansmen is declared the Winner. The Winner of this combat increases by 1 the Physical Stat which was higher on the dead Clansmen (choose one if there is a tie), in addition to any other benefits received from winning.

Whenever the Clan Lord requests and receives additional combat move lists, repeat the same process that was followed for the first list of moves. When a winner is declared, the Clan Lord must post a comment specifying the information received from combatants, showing how the Combat was resolved, as well as specifying the winner and the reason for the win.

If a Clansmen becomes dead, the Combat ends and the other Clansmen wins, unless both Clansmen are dead. When a Clansmen becomes dead during Combat, that Clansmen gains 1 Honor for each Damage that Clansmen dealt during the Combat.
When a Clansmen wins the Combat, both Combatants choose one of their Physical Stats and increase it by 1, unless they are Dead.
Then, the Winner increases their own Honor by half the other Combatant’s Honor divided by two and rounded down, plus 1. The minimum amount of Honor that can be won this way is 2.

If 24 hours have passed since a Clansman stated an intention to fight (or since a Clan Lord declared that additional move lists are required), but no Combat Moves have been submitted to the Clan Lord for it, that duel is cancelled and that Clansman (or men) who failed to supply Combat Moves each lose DICE4 Honor.



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for with fix


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Why fix? People that die in combat should get some honor for that, and that is my actual intention.


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