Sunday, April 04, 2010

Making my move

I move to 13m, using 48 energy in the process. My energy is now 2.
I then rest, bringing my energy to 100.
Finally, I move to 16m, bringing my energy to 84.

Edited to use numbers which make sense.


Josh: he/they

04-04-2010 21:03:22 UTC

Sadly, no proposal has yet passed to give you a default value of 50 Energy - thus you would have to have rested first and subtracted all of your movement from the 100 derived from that. Your end-state Energy would be 34.


04-04-2010 21:05:03 UTC

This is not a valid move, based on the fact that you don’t yet have your 50 energy (Slight mess-up by Purplebeard in the movement proposal), just wait until the Proposal “Oops” enacts.

Also, technically, the fact that Hix added the Energy variable to the GNDT was done without a reason if you read the current rules, but I’m not complaining as it makes the tracking of people’s energy values easier.


04-04-2010 21:06:51 UTC

When you move, you need to update the GNDT.

I’ve also added a column for Energy, so go ahead and update that, too, if you want to move. 

You’ll have to rest first to get up to 100.  To move to 16m, you’ll need to spend 64 energy, dropping you to 36.


04-04-2010 21:07:03 UTC

Ugh, Josh ninja-posted, but you get the idea.

Also, not sure if it was Hix that added the energy variable, just guessing since he added the few values that were added.


04-04-2010 23:03:02 UTC

Hmm… I’ll wait until I get 50 starting energy before moving.