Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Proposal: [Gamestate] Map Play

Vetoed. Adminned by pokes.

Adminned at 19 Jul 2017 20:52:30 UTC

Amend “Stray Cherub:” in “Mana” to:

Stray Cherub (or just “Cherub”): A Pactmaker on a Stray Cherub’s Square can do one of the following by paying 10 Stamina:
- Save it: By sending it back to Heaven, the Cherub is Saved, removed from the Ibiza map, and the saving Pactmaker gains 5 mana.

Once per week, the Seraphim can and shall create a new Cherub at a random Ibiza Square.

Create two Cherubs at random Ibiza Squares.

Add a subsection called “Spells” to “Mana” with:

The following are Spells that Pactmakers can perform, by paying its associated cost in mana (within parentesis in the list) or 1 mana, whichever is greater. (“T” represents the spellcasting Pactmaker’s “Tension”, which is the amount of their Promises which have been Scorned. The tighter - and riskier - their promises are, the more power they can wield.)
* (5) Pulley: Move a Pactmaker on your Square up to T Squares away from their original position.
* (10 - T) Noose: Remove from the Ibiza map a Mana-eater which is on your Square.
* (5 - T) Fishing Line: Only useable on a Beach Square. Put a Pactmaker or a Mana-Eater which is on a Water Square onto your Square.

Making these both at the same time so that the Cherub-hunting can be done in the context of Spells.


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Actually, CoV: against


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“Votable matters have at least one tag, if no tags are given the defaults are used.”
Since a tag is given, the defaults are not used. So if this were enacted none of the ruleset changes would take place.



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Dangit lol.

Fancy s/k veto