Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Proposal: Map, Take 2

8-0. Reached Quorum. I’ve uploaded the map image, but it fails to show.—Chronos

Adminned at 15 Mar 2007 03:30:18 UTC

If there is a Map Dynastic Rule, delete it.

Upload the image at into the domain root directory.

Add a new Dynastic rule, entitled Map:

The image document is referred to as the “Map”.  The term “Territory” refers to a named territory on the Map.  Named territories consist of territories with a three-letter abbreviated name (indicated on the map), or territories with a longer name in which three letters are underlined (such as Algeria or Mid-Atlantic Ocean). 

Territories are either land territories or sea territories (with sea territories including North Atlantic Ocean and all other territories of that color, and land territories being all other territories).

Areas on the map that are not named territories (such as, for example, Sicily or Sudan) are disregarded and have no game effects.

Territories may be referred to by their full name or their unique three-letter abbreviated name (the name indicated on the map, or the underlined letters in the name indicated on the map).  Territories that are only labeled with a three letter name on the map (such as “Bor”, “Ska” or “Lat”) may also be referred to by the full name for the territory as follows:

*adr sea : adriatic sea
*ana : anatolia
*apu : apulia
*auv : auvergne
*bar : barcelona
*bel : belgium
*bos : bosnia
*bri : brittany
*cly : clyde
*cze : czech republic
*edi : edinburgh
*fra : frankfurt
*gib : gibraltar
*ham : hamburg
*hel : heligoland bight
*hol : holland
*isr : israel
*liv : liverpool
*lon : london
*mac : macedonia
*mar : marseilles
*mil : milan
*mol : moldavia
*mon : monaco
*mun : munich
*nap : naples
*pic : picardy
*pie : piedmont
*por : portugal
*pru : prussia
*rom : rome
*sax : saxony
*ska : skagerrak
*tus : tuscany
*ven : venice
*wal : wales
*yor : yorkshire

A territory is considered adjacent, or bordering, another territory if the two territories border on the map.  For example, KRA (Krakow) borders SLO (Slovakia), and NTH (North Sea) borders YOR (Yorkshire).

The territories of LON (London), FRA (Frankfurt), MOS (Moscow) and CAI (Cairo) are considered “Airport Territories”. All Airport Territories are Adjacent to each other.

Furthermore, EME (Eastern Mediterranean) is adjacent to RED (Red Sea); WBS (Western Black Sea) is adjacent to AEG (Aegean Sea) and EBS (Eastern Black Sea) is adjacent to CAS (Caspian Sea).

Some Territories, like LON (London) or RUM (Rumania), are Supply Centers and are marked in the Map by a significant circle spot.

Add a Location rule:

Each Agent has a Location, which corresponds to a Territory in the Map and is tracked by the Agent and the Mastermind.  Each Agent’s initial Location is a land territory on the Map that is assigned to that Agent via a confidential message from the Mastermind. Any number of agents may be located in a particular territory.



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The map is better, but I’m not sure about supply centers, and I notice that Outer Space has disappeared.  Also, the list of some-but-not-all territories (copied from the link in my prior proposal) is going to take up a lot of room in the rulespace—perhaps a more aesthetic approach would be to have a comprehensive list of all territories, their abbreviations, and province numbers (and possibly other attributes) in the wiki, and link to that instead.


03-14-2007 11:59:24 UTC

Spike, You can propose an amendment to include Outer Space and move the list to another page like the one you describe.


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for because I just self-killed Map 1.


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I agree, add space again spike! :P


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for Add space again!