Thursday, October 30, 2014

Markdown Tip

Tip: Markdown formatting seems broken, but if you write your post in Markdown elsewhere and use Markdown to generate HTML, formatting “None” (instead of “XHTML”) seems to work out quite well.

I think that composing the post elsewhere may also have the advantage that, if you click “Make New Post” only after you’re done, the timestamp on the article will be close to the actual time you post. I’m not sure whether this is actually a problem—testing it now by leaving this draft open in EE for half an hour.



30-10-2014 07:03:42 UTC

This article was actually submitted close to 07:02 UTC…

Kevan: he/him

30-10-2014 09:51:22 UTC

Have added the timestamp quirk to the FAQ, belatedly. It is on the laundry list as something we should somehow clarify in the ruleset so that we have a clearer idea of what to do in a strange accidental edge case or deliberate scam.