Monday, September 12, 2005

Proposal: Market


Adminned at 12 Sep 2005 17:19:43 UTC

Add a Currency Rule:

Each Country, except the Hegemonist, can hold an amount of Hegemonic Dollars (H$), which is tracked by the {{GNDT}} at the HDollars Column. This amount can be negative. A new Country starts with H$ 0 (Zero).

The Hegemonist is the issuer of H$, so e is construed to hold an infinite positive amount of it.

Give H$ 0 (Zero) to all current Countries, except the Hegemonist.

Add a Market sub-rule to Commodities:

Often, the Hegemonist may make a post with the title “Market Position #NNN”, where NNN is a unique sequential number starting at 001.

A “Market Position” Post shall state the Prices at which the Hegemonist is willing to buy Commodities from other Countries and the Prices at which e is willing to sell.

Add a Market Orders sub-rule to Market:

If a Country has no more than one pending Market Orders, that country may issue a Market Order, by Posting it at the top of the Commodities Market Discussion page (at

A Market Order must have the following format:

(BUY/SELL) Order from ~~~~
NN of (Commodity 1)
NN of (Commodity 2)
NN of (Commodity N)

The trailing four tildes (~~~~) are obligatory and will be rendered by the Wiki software as the name of the Country posting the order and the time of that posting.

A Country may not have more than one Buy Order pending, neither more than one Sell Order.

Add a Order Processing sub-rule to Market:

Market Orders can either be Pending, Closed, or Failed. When a Market Order is first post, it is considered Pending.

The Hegemonist will process the Pending Market Orders in the same chronological order they were posted.

The Hegemonist will Close a Buy Order if e has enough Stock of the listed Commodities. E will then transfer an amount of H$ from the Buying Country to emself and the corresponding amount of Commodities from emself to the Buying Country.

The Hegemonist will Close a Sell Order if the Selling Country has enough Stock of the listed Commodities. E will then transfer an amount of H$ from emself to the Selling Country and the corresponding amount of Commodities from the Selling Country to emself;

The amount of H$ to be transferred by the Hegemonist when closing Market Orders will accord to the last Market Position posted before the posting of the order.

The Hegemonist will Fail a Market Order if any condition for Closing is not met. E will fine the Country who posted the Failed Order by an amount of H$ equal to 5% (five percent) of the total amount of H$ that would be have transferred should the Order close;

Add a Forced Sell sub-rule to Market:

At any time, if a Country holds a negative amount of H$, the Hegemonist may force that Country to sell an amount of Commodities enough to bring that value to a non-negative one. The Hegemonist will force sell first the Commodities most valued in the last Market Position post.



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09-12-2005 17:58:52 UTC

against way too whomping complicated for this stage of the game


09-12-2005 18:04:49 UTC

against I’d prefer an international trading system to a hegemonist-focused one. The market position is a nice idea, though.


09-12-2005 18:20:26 UTC

against This needs to be proposed one at a time.


09-12-2005 18:21:46 UTC

A free market is the next stage of this rule.

And the hegemonist focus is based on the presumption I can’t declare victory on my own dynasty


09-12-2005 18:22:30 UTC

One at a time risks not getting a working system.


09-12-2005 20:04:16 UTC

Well, it could be broken up into the first rule, the third and second rule, and the last one.


09-13-2005 00:14:50 UTC

against S-K

Ok. Good enough