Monday, December 10, 2012

Story Post: Mark: The Army Base

We’re going to need guns to pull off the big score, and I know somewhere that has lots of them - Fort Nevada Army Base. You may think it’s crazy, the eight of us going up against the army, but that’s not crazy - three of you going up against the army base is crazy. Crazy like a fox.

This job requires no more than 3 Crooks, at least one of whom has a Gym with a stat bearing their name with a value of at least 5, and who have access to a car with an engine of 4 and a combined total of at least $100 in the bank, for incidental bribes.

The reward will be a fuel manifold worth $270 and $110 in cash.



10-12-2012 11:12:57 UTC

I got two outta three. First come first served, and the manifold’s all yours, baby!

Josh: he/they

12-12-2012 10:47:59 UTC

This Mark fails. I guess I’ll just keep this manifold for myself then.