Friday, March 16, 2007

Mastermind Gadget Request

Gadget Name: Handcuffs
Gadget Function: If the possessor of this Gadget is in the same location as another Agent e may give this gadget to them and they are sent a prison based on the Affiliation of the Agent that gave away the Gadget:
*World: World Prison
*Mastermind: Mastermind Prison
*Double Agent - True Affiliation Mastermind: World Prison
*Double Agent - True Affiliation World: Mastermind Prison



03-16-2007 13:47:02 UTC

Possesor is not defined.

I don’t like teleporting. against


03-16-2007 14:22:28 UTC

Check out my gadget request: in the first line of description, I defined “Owner” in conformity with the rule.  Then, I get to use the term “Owner” in the rest of the description.


03-16-2007 22:16:20 UTC

veto I’ll repropose later