Friday, January 19, 2007

Medals for Scrabble

Medals for Scrabble have been awarded. They were

GOLD: ChinDoGu
SILVER: Doremi
BRONZE: Excalibur Homeland



01-19-2007 02:19:19 UTC

As much as I hate to say this (since I won) Veiny should have been allowed.

“The word cannot have any letters directly in common with another word picked by another Olympian “

Rivals are not olympians (as discussed elsewhere)

Not sure if it would have made a difference.


Clucky: HE/HIM

01-19-2007 04:29:51 UTC

As discussed elsewhere, Rivals ARE considered Olympians for the purpose of everything <_<.


01-19-2007 05:00:11 UTC

Um go read it again, the ruleset falls in a heap if this is the case.  For starters you control multiple olympians and can thus be banned for multiplaying, second if they are olympians, quorum goes up.  They should all be losing popularity for not doing things olympians need to do, and going idle, and heaps of other things.  This was the one point everyone agreed on in my cfj IIRC.

Clucky: HE/HIM

01-19-2007 05:18:23 UTC

Ok. Fine. They are not Olympians for the proposes of everything. But they *are* Olympians when it comes to events. I have been using “Olympians” in most of my event write ups, even when refering to rivals as well, and no one has made a peep about it. I perefer to follow the indented nature of the rules, not the legalistic one.  Sure if you want to follow the rules down to the very letter then Spike’s word was legal and Bucky should’ve won already—but thats not the point of blognomic, is it?


01-19-2007 14:42:56 UTC

Hell yes the rules should be followed to the letter.  That is _exactly_ the point of blognomic.
For the record, just so we can see whether it’s worth continuing to argue about the specific issue of the Scrabble results (maybe a CfJ would be in order), can you tell me what the results would have been if VEINY J had been allowed?

It’s not clear to me that Bucky should won already, so that’s a non sequitur argument.

(In case it isn’t obvious, I really am a lawyer.)


01-19-2007 14:44:42 UTC

Tell you what: if VEINY is allowed and I would therefore have won a gold or silver medal, then I will proceed under Rule 2.8 and give it back.

Clucky: HE/HIM

01-19-2007 14:49:18 UTC

I posted the links. If you want to check them, and file a CfJ go ahead. <_<