Saturday, December 04, 2010

Story Post: Meddling with Ed de Goey

Ed de Goey has a good job. He manages an extensive farm which mainly produces maize, which he sells to a maker of soft drinks. However, he covets more; he wants a job in the city, so that he can enjoy the louder pleasures of a metropolis. Is prays to the Gods for guidance.

Ed is vulnerable to the Ephemeral sphere.



12-04-2010 11:04:44 UTC

I Uplift Ed by setting him with with an interview at an investment banking firm.


12-04-2010 11:42:41 UTC

I torment Ed by giving him a job at an investment banking firm.


12-04-2010 11:44:08 UTC

I Uplift Ed further by sending him visions of his future in this banking job, in the form of dreams.


12-04-2010 11:45:52 UTC

(Simultaneously posted, there. I am careful to restrict his visions to positive ones.)


12-04-2010 11:54:50 UTC

And oh, “Should a Divinity comment more than once on any Meddling Post, all their comments on that post are considered illegal.”, so ignore that Meddle, for all future game effects. I’ll reset my Prominence.


12-04-2010 12:01:27 UTC

I Uplift Ed.


12-04-2010 12:40:54 UTC

I Uplift Ed.


12-04-2010 13:07:02 UTC

As Ed drives towards the city in his new Mitsubishi, a sprig of poison ivy falls off an overhanging tree and into the car through its sun roof.  The mortal’s face and hands are covered with the weed, and an ugly rash soon develops.  Ed knows that this Torment has come from none other than Subrincinator.

Ienpw III:

12-04-2010 17:36:03 UTC

I uplift Ed.


12-04-2010 21:45:47 UTC

I uplift Ed.


12-05-2010 02:16:28 UTC

As Ed swerves back and forth across the road, trying to rid himself of the ivy, Consus Uplifts him by steering the Mitsubishi into the path of a runaway eighteen-wheeler and ensuring that he will collect a hefty insurance settlement.

Ienpw III:

12-05-2010 02:53:11 UTC

Grindy rule is grindy.


12-05-2010 03:22:04 UTC

I torment Ed


12-08-2010 17:41:00 UTC

I uplift Ed.


12-08-2010 17:42:08 UTC

This meddling post has been closed for days, Darth.


12-08-2010 17:43:05 UTC

Ah, missed the bit in the ruleset about meddling posts expiring. Sorry about that; I’ll reset my prominence.