Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Media Cover Ups?

After posting to the Media Circus today with a post with two monster names, I realized that it may not be a legal post. I re-read the rule and then became somewhat confused. The portion in question reads:

If this headline contains one (and only one) of the bolded headline fragments given in Rule 2.3.1 (where “[Monster]” is the name of a completed Monster with a wiki page, and “[Neighborhood]” is the name of a Neighborhood), then the Kaiju God writing the headline must also update the gamestate as specified.

Does this mean that if I say Teuthos is in Bean Town that the headline has two (and not only one) matched headline bolded headline fragment, and the gamestate is not updated? 

Also, what happens if two monsters are named? I only updated one monster, since I believed that was the spirit of the rule, but it would stand to reason that one could mention three monsters in a neighborhood and have x3 the effects (since more people might panic if there are three monsters than just one mentioned in the news).




25-09-2007 16:58:32 UTC

{>..<} After I posted this whole thing, I realized the whole line is bolded.

The question about mentioning more than one monster still stands.


25-09-2007 23:28:06 UTC

If you mentioned more than one monster it wouldn’t match any of the headline fragments we currently have.


26-09-2007 00:45:42 UTC

Possibly, but any extra text is irrelevant, the flavor text. It just makes it more readable. An extra monster could just be flavor text.