Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Proposal: Megalomania

It has been open for voting for at least 48 hours and half or fewer of its votes are FOR.

Adminned at 30 Mar 2007 08:08:48 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule, as follows:

If an Agent believes that e is the only Agent with a particular Affiliation, e may post a message to the main blog (referred to as a “Megalomania Post”) stating “I am the only Agent with Affiliation: X” (substituting for “X” the Agent’s Affiliation.  Within five (5) days of such a post, the Mastermind shall post one (1) reply to the Megalomania Post that reads either “You are wrong, and you are liquidated.” (referred to as a “Liquidation Reply”) or “You are correct.” (referred to as an “Admission Reply”).  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Mastermind may only post a Liquidation Reply to a particular Megalomania Post if either (i) the Megalomania Post stated a false or incorrect Affiliation of the Agent who posted it or (ii) the Agent who posted the Megalomania Post was not, in fact, the only non-idle Agent with the Affiliation stated therein.  Upon the posting of an Admission Reply or the elapsing of the aforesaid five (5) days without a Liquidation Reply being posted, the Agent who posted the Megalomania Post has achieved victory.  If the Mastermind posts a Liquidation Reply, then the agent who posted the pertinent Megalomania Post is deemed to have been “Liquidated” (meaning that all of eir Gadgets are destroyed, e is deemed to not have completed any Missions, and all applicable Gamestate documents will be appropriately revised to reflect these effects.



03-27-2007 22:36:15 UTC


Without being able to change one’s affliation, this makes the mind control serum too powerful. Also someone could use buy three mind control serums and win in a matter of days.


03-27-2007 22:39:38 UTC

If they can find and hunt down agents.  Also, you can buy a mind control syrum and use it on yourself. for

Angry Grasshopper:

03-27-2007 23:15:13 UTC

White space, sir!



03-27-2007 23:29:43 UTC

No. You cant. The gadget says “another agent”

I still also do not think the penalty is harsh enough. All tickets should be lost as well.


03-27-2007 23:45:05 UTC


While I’m in favor of rules that will pick up the pace of the game a bit, I feel this will shift the focus from completing missions and instead make it about acquiring and using the mind control serum.

I think a spy vs. spy approach isn’t a bad idea, but it could use a different approach.

Furthermore, with four separate Affiliations, this might make victory incredibly simple. If we do pursue a rule like this, I’d like to see more specific wording regarding Double Agents’ True Affiliations first.


03-28-2007 03:01:45 UTC

Um yeah, Zebra is right, come to think of it.

Given 8 people and 4 different affiliations, it is basically guaranteed that at least one person will have achieved victory(would need it to be split right down the middle 2-2-2-2 if not). Won’t know who it is, but if everyone makes such a post, one of them will end the dynasty.


03-28-2007 03:17:04 UTC

against good point…


03-28-2007 11:01:28 UTC



03-28-2007 23:00:21 UTC