Thursday, May 14, 2009

Member Issues

TAE currently is in the category “member”... as I remember from what Amni told me a while ago, that category is slightly messed up, and thus everyone is under the category of “idle”... So… it’s probably a good idea to set his category as such. Or he could probably succeed in becoming an Admin, if he proposed it.

For specifics, call up Amnistar. He was the one that mentioned this, I believe.



05-14-2009 21:36:19 UTC

Thanks.  That might explain some of the odd effects I was experiencing.  I’m not really comfortable proposing myself as an admin after just coming back from a two year hiatus, but can someone change my catergory for me please?  Thanks!


05-14-2009 21:47:30 UTC

2 year?? ...huh. I thought that it was a standard unidling XD. What I get for not looking further into it.


05-15-2009 00:20:52 UTC

Switched.  TAE is now in the “Idle” category.  Did that fix the mail issue?