Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Ascension Address: Memo to the Standing Committee

Earth 21 August 3221 / Clatoc 55 Harvest 52

In the twenty years since we lost contact with Earth, our colonies have been politically stable. Long live the Clatoc Colony! Long live the Standing Committee!

This stability has never been complete. The intellectual and artistic classes have chaffed, and there’s always been cadres of agitants requesting a more democratic process. The popular will is the voice of God! Down with anti-society malcontents!

That notwithstanding, for the most part the citizens seem to have responded well to the continuity and decisiveness of our committee’s leadership. This acceptance has been aided by the considerable efforts of the Ministry of Information.

However, in recent months the Ministry has noticed a disturbing uptick in organised discontent. It is therefore asking for additional powers to monitor communication and intervene to disrupt the flow of seditious sentiment, as well as identifying any perpetrators. Information is security! Security is strength!

Thanks to the Ministry’s awareness of your own communications, the Ministry is aware that these additional powers are going to be approved unanimously, and it thanks the Standing Committee for its ongoing and unflinching commitment to the security of our Colony. Long live Clatoc! Long live the Ministry of Information!

Throughout the ruleset, change the term Legislators to Cells and Wielder of Vetoes to Ministry of Information. Set the Dynastic Tracking page to [[MinInf]]. Set the Special Case rule No Collaboration to Active.

The core concept of this dynasty is going to be around censorship and attempting to communicate and coordinate privately when privacy is severely constrained. Imperial styles-wise, I’ll be trying to match my natural Provocateur inclination with a dose of either Gardener or even Onlooker - I might not commit to always having my slots utilised. Adversary on Player Protection, Powerhouse on workload, scam-neutral in context, vetoes mechanical/restrained, predictability instinctual.


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