Sunday, April 23, 2017

Merchandising, This Time without the Swing

Create a new rule, “Merchandising”:

Managers and the Commissioner may have a merchandising deal for any of their Bloggers.  A Blogger may only have up to two merchandising deal at a time, which are tracked on the Blogger Roster page. Deals are made in a Story Post (the Merch) in which the manager describes the various things that their Blogger might be shown in, such as bobbleheads, hats, dog food and what brand they represent.

Each time a Blogger plays a game or once a week, whichever is more often, then their Manager adds cash equal to that Blogger’s Merch Index into their cash. A Blogger’s Merch Index is defined as (k/7*x*n!)1,000, where k is defined as the number of days since the deal was made, x is defined as the number of games won by the player and n is the number of wins the player has had in a row.



04-24-2017 09:00:02 UTC

This would put whoever has made Merch agreements the soonest at an advantage because of the days mechanic, and it also makes playing games into an even greater grind mechanic, which is as interesting as a coffee shop loyalty card.

I also don’t agree with rewarding simply having been part of the dynasty early. I prefer to reward clever schemes. Not this.  against

I really like the PuP insurance business though, very very much. Not this though.


04-24-2017 09:20:40 UTC

Also for some reason this isnt a proposal lol


04-24-2017 13:56:34 UTC

scaling with the age of the deal is a bad idea.