Saturday, December 27, 2008

Proposal: [MIC] Righteous Relic RetentionL

s/ked Oze

Adminned at 29 Dec 2008 13:48:31 UTC

If the Proposal titled “[MIC] Relics are we” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Replace the “THEREFORE” section of the rule “Relics are we” with the following:

THEREFORE the Chairman may, as a daily action, grant ownership of the Relic M to any other Citizen, regardless of who currently owns the Relic, subject to the restrictions below.

Create a new subsection of the rule “Relics are we” with the following text:

WHEREAS the value of the MIC Relic to the people has been established;
WHEREAS things of value should not be lightly taken from a loyal Citizen once granted;
THEREFORE the Chairman may not grant ownership of the Relic M to any Citizen if it is currently in the possession of another Citizen, if the current owner has been deemed “Loyal”.

I leave it to future rules to determine how a Citizen can be deemed “Loyal”.


SingularByte: he/him

28-12-2008 08:33:21 UTC


Amnistar: he/him

28-12-2008 20:47:57 UTC


I like the idea, very much, however, there is no ‘rule’ titled, Relics are we, and you didn’t give the sub-rule a name.


29-12-2008 03:07:54 UTC

against S/K to fix per Amnistar’s comment