Friday, December 26, 2008

Proposal: [MIC] Starting diplomacy with BLO

Passed 4-2

Adminned at 28 Dec 2008 12:52:19 UTC

If the rule “Diplomacy” exists, add “WHEREAS the Stylist is the most wise among the BLO;” after “WHEREAS the Supreme Being is the most wise among the GNO; “

If the rule “Diplomacy” doesn’t exist, add a new rule “Diplomacy”

WHEREAS the chairman is the most wise among us;
WHEREAS the Stylist is the most wise among the BLO;
THEREFORE we must share our wisdom.

Any subrules of this rule have no effect unless they also exist in another factions ruleset.

Add a subrule of diplomacy - “A leader’s vote between BLO and MIC”

The Chairman of MIC and the Stylist of BLO have a vote in BLO proposals and MIC proposals respectively. They may be referred to as ambassadors but only in the context of them voting in the other faction (the BLO faction for the Chairman and the MIC faction for the Stylist). Ambassadors are not considered idle in the other faction for the purposes of voting only.

For any people in BLO reading this, could you propose the same rule for your faction?


arthexis: he/him

26-12-2008 09:40:17 UTC

I am fine with this idea… let’s see if others from the faction like it.

Amnistar: he/him

26-12-2008 12:17:00 UTC



26-12-2008 14:53:18 UTC



26-12-2008 17:28:13 UTC

against Again because of the phrasing of “Ambassadors are not considered idle in the other faction for the purposes of voting only.”  I am not sure what this means, and would prefer a better phrasing.

arthexis: he/him

26-12-2008 17:58:41 UTC

Per the rule “Factions”, abridged: If you don’t belong to a Faction, you count as Idle in that Faction. Idle people can’t vote. With this rules, the ambassador can vote even if idle (i.e. they belong to another faction)


26-12-2008 20:38:34 UTC

OK, then I would rephrase that “Solely for purposes of voting, an ambassador counts as “not idle”.”

The key being the quotes around “not idle”, to identify it as a state, as opposed to “not considered idle”.


27-12-2008 03:09:31 UTC