Monday, October 31, 2005

Might as well…

Idle me.

I’ll be pretty distracted the next couple of months what with an overseas move and a wedding to figure out. I’ll be back, maybe february/march-ish when we’re somewhat settled, depending on when we get a computer and internet access etc. Anyway I don’t want to hold up the queue.

It’s almost a shame cause this is an excellent dynasty you’ve got going here. *sigh*

Anyway, cya all later,
Happy Nomicing,


Angry Grasshopper:

11-01-2005 00:08:10 UTC

Is it your wedding? If so, congratulations! See you when you get back.


11-01-2005 01:25:07 UTC

Yep, it’s mine. Thanks.


11-01-2005 05:06:34 UTC

Enjoy yourself!  veto  veto


11-01-2005 19:02:04 UTC

see ya next spring, gazebo dude