Saturday, March 23, 2013


Ignore this—the proposal submitted twice. How do you delete posts? Also, Deliberations still exist.



03-23-2013 17:04:48 UTC

veto I didn’t take Deliberations out of the Template because I wasn’t sure if they should be removed. I’m sill not sure if they should be; do we remove things like those, or leave them around to be repurposed down the line?


03-23-2013 20:07:15 UTC

We tend to remove dynasty-specific content once it’s obsolete to avoid confusion and unnecessary clutter. I’ve gone ahead and removed the deliberation category, as well as the useless arrow icon (only as a clickable smiley above the comment box. Everyone can still use it to confuse the playerbase to their heart’s content by typing in the code).


03-23-2013 20:09:29 UTC

arrow Alright, I guess we’ll just put it back if it gets used in another dynasty.