Sunday, December 07, 2014

Proposal: Mining, Space Trade, and the Debris Disposal Authority

Fails 1-5 with Quorum AGAINST. -Bucky

Adminned at 09 Dec 2014 18:55:49 UTC

Add a new rule, “Space Economics” with the following text:-

As a weekly action, any shuttle may gain an amount of iron equal to the number of Flags that they are the owner of.

A Deal Post is either Open or closed, but not both. As a daily action, any shuttle may make a Deal Post with no category and a title of the form Sale: X, where X is any subset of thrusters that the shuttle possesses at the time of the Deal Post. At this time, the Deal Post is considered Open. If at any time while the Deal Post is Open, the shuttle no longer possesses any of the thrusters named in X, the Deal Post becomes Closed and remains Closed even if the shuttle later regains those thrusters. After the Deal Post has been made and as long as the Deal Post is Open, any other shuttle may respond with a comment of the form Offer: Y, where Y is some amount of iron, sulphur, and/or ice with the recommended input form “One Iron, Two Sulphur” or “1 Iron, 3 Sulphur, 1 Ice”. Then, as long as the Deal Post is Open and the second shuttle possesses all of the materials it has offered, the first shuttle may update the GNDT by transferring X from the first shuttle to the second shuttle and having the transferring Y to from the second shuttle to the first shuttle. Whenever the first shuttle takes this action, the Deal Post becomes Closed.

Create a new rule, “Debris Disposal Authority” with the following text:-

As a weekly action, the Traffic Warden can choose a random shuttle out of all the shuttles that have at least one fuel. The shuttle is chosen randomly at the Traffic Warden’s discretion. If the Traffic Warden chooses a random shuttle in such a manner, the Traffic Warden must then update the GNDT so that the chosen shuttle loses one fuel and gains one Sulphur.

Guys, how do we access older posts? I want to find the one where Bucky told me how to manually enter blockquotes. Also, have we gained access to the blockquote icon yet?



12-07-2014 22:03:03 UTC

I don’t get what the Debris Disposal Authority action is supposed to accomplish.  Or, for that matter, Flag income.

In fact, against because Flag income seems to be very high compared to how much Flags cost.  A shuttle can drop some flags and immediately (or within a few days) get their cost back.


12-07-2014 22:03:55 UTC

Older posts can be browsed by month from the ‘archive’ section of the sidebar.


12-08-2014 08:00:05 UTC

against Seems unnecessarily complicated.


12-08-2014 12:15:25 UTC

against Does seem a bit much. It’s also at odds with the other mechanics that require us to be in particular orbital locations before we can pick up and drop things.


12-08-2014 13:39:04 UTC

against as per Bucky


12-08-2014 13:43:34 UTC

Also, the blockquote icon is now the box with quotations marks in it between the italics box and the hyperlink box

Jefferson Steelflex:

12-09-2014 00:53:33 UTC

against Bucky and Doctor29 are right.

Note: It’ll fail anyway.

Jefferson Steelflex:

12-09-2014 00:56:21 UTC

It is an interesting idea. It just needs to be thought about some more.


12-09-2014 02:40:35 UTC

1) I guess I’m fine with dropping the Debris Disposal Authority idea.
2) I thought the point of taking over space would be to profit in some way from the territories you own.
3) I didn’t check the sensibility of the Flag Economics. That seems like an easy fix.
Doctor 29
Would it help if I split the first two rules into separate Proposals and dropped the third rule? Do you have any tips on how I can make the second rule more concise without losing meaning?
1) Ideas on how to make the second rule more concise?
2) I can impose a restriction that says only ships in the same orbit can do trades with each other.
Sylphrena and Jefferson Steelflex
Do my answers to Bucky and Doctor29 answer your issues? Feel free to weigh in.


12-09-2014 04:09:43 UTC

I don’t know what the point of taking over space is, yet.  But I was actually thinking more along the lines of a take-over-everything victory condition.

And yeah, in general it’s a good idea to put unrelated concepts in different proposals rather than making a multi-part proposal like this one.  You even had the open proposal slot to pitch the Debris Disposal Authority part separately.


12-09-2014 06:28:42 UTC

I feel like the complexity of the trading mechanism would be largely mitigated if you give it 1) its own post and 2) paragraphs.

I like the idea of forcing people to be in the same spot to trade.

Yes, we should benefit from flags, I don’t think flags being income is the way to do it. In addition to its balance problems, it’s also something of a flavor fail that our flags are somehow making us more material.

Don’t just throw away the Debris Disposal Authority because we didn’t understand why we would want the rule! Put it in its own proposal and make its benefit to gameplay more obvious (either in the rule itself or in the flavor text).