Saturday, June 03, 2017

Proposal: Mission Possible

Timed out/reached quorum 6-0. Enacted by card.

Adminned at 05 Jun 2017 15:19:35 UTC

In “Expedition Leading”, change “Reward: A certain profit” to:-

Reward: A certain profit or penalty

Add a new Mission:-

Title: Establishing a Dig Site
Synopsis: The expedition tracks through the heavy snow, comparing the sculpted wastes to their ancient maps and charts as they seek a place to begin their research.
Goal: Be the first Explorer to have created a Camp whose description contains the words “dig site”. The Participant is that Explorer.
Status: Pending
Reward: +6 Supplies if the Participant is a Scholar and/or a Cultist; -6 Supplies (to a minimum of zero) if they are not.

Replace “This always contains (tracks) between zero and three (both inclusive) Missions (these are all current Missions)” with:-

This tracks all Missions

Replace “This can be “Double Reward”, “None” or “Eldritch Horror”. When a Mission is created, this value is secretly randomly determined. ” with:-

This can be “Unknown”, “Double Reward”, “Eldritch Horror” or “None”, defaulting to “Unknown”. If a Mission has an Unknown Secret Reward, the Expedition Leader may assign it any secretly randomly determined value other than “Unknown”.

Remove “After the Expedition is Stamped, the Expedition Leader can replace the Completed Mission with a new one.”

A new Mission, and some tweaks.



06-03-2017 19:06:59 UTC

So this makes it such that missions can only be made by proposal, or CfJ, and cleans up some other aspects. Good mission too. 
The reason I’m not opposed to the reward, like I was opposed to Cuddlebeam’s spy proposal, is that this one doesn’t say “Hey I’m a Scholar!” it says “One of my backgrounds is not a spy.”

Also if someone has only 3 supplies and isn’t a scholar or spy, the reward doesn’t harm them.


06-03-2017 19:07:16 UTC

*scholar or cultist


06-03-2017 20:55:03 UTC

Looks good for

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

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