Friday, June 09, 2017

Proposal: Mnt Mission

Timed out 3-1-1. Enacted by card.

Adminned at 11 Jun 2017 17:01:41 UTC

Add a new mission:
Title: Where’s the mountains?
Synopsis: Most of the people on the expedition thought that the Antarctic had mountains (possibly angry or mad ones), but can’t seem to find where they lay specifically on the chart.
Goal: Have 3 camps that:
*each have the word “mountain” in their title or description
*each have a temperature of -25°C or less
*each have no supplies
*each have the door state of open
*each are at a latitude of 88° or greater
Participants are Explorers that created one of the first three camps that satisfies all of these conditions.
Reward: +10 supplies, +5 square miles charted and 1 dogsled.
Secret Treasure: Unknown

Add to “Camps”

Camps can have two door states, open or closed and default to closed. Camps with open doors decrease their temperature by 10 degrees every 12 hours. Camps that are at -25°C or less do not decrease their temperature in this way. If an Explorer is located in a Camp they may set that Camps door state to open or closed, as an Outdoors action.

Make a new rule “Fire”

As an Outdoors action an Explorer may spend X, where X is 1 or greater, supplies to create a fire in the location they are in. This is tracked on the Camps page with the text “fire (Y)”, where Y is initally the number of supplies spent to create that fire and Y decreases by 1 every 12 hours. Fires that have a Y of 0 or less cease to exist. Every 12 hours, a location that has a fire increases its temperature by 15°C; locations with a fire that are 25°C or greater do not increase their temperature in this way. Latitudes that do not have a fire and have a temperature greater than -25°C decrease their temperature by 10°C; if a Latidue would decrease their temperature in this way below -25°C it instead becomes -25°C.

Make “Exploring” a subrule of “Explorers”.

As to the rider, I think Kevan meant to do that in their cleanup proposal, but forgot to write it down or something.


Kevan: HE/HIM

06-09-2017 08:27:09 UTC

Should really have a human updating the gamestate somehow, rather than asking a wiki page to update itself every 12 hours, which we’ll sometimes forget about. Maybe a daily communal action?

(As for the rider, yes, it looks like I missed that we have one rule called “Exploring” and another called “Exploration”.)


06-09-2017 12:23:22 UTC

How did these mountains become so mad? Can we calm them down?

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus: HE/THEY

06-09-2017 20:55:56 UTC



06-10-2017 00:00:14 UTC


Participants are Explorers that created one of the first three camps that satisfies all of these conditions.

We should definitely agree on whether this means “the first three Camps by time of establishment” or “the first three Camps by time of satisfying the conditions”.


06-10-2017 03:40:02 UTC

The goal would be satisfied once three camps exist which satisfies those conditions, so it is complete for first three camps by time of conditions. As I see it there isn’t a valid argument to the contrary.

Kevan: HE/HIM

06-10-2017 11:06:19 UTC



06-10-2017 23:30:38 UTC