Friday, December 02, 2011

Proposal: Moar Routes, Take 2

Timed out. Fails 1-2 with 3 DEF votes.—Clucky

Adminned at 04 Dec 2011 11:34:43 UTC

Add the following subrules to the list of routes

A Posh route has a scouting cost of 15. When a driver drives an Posh Route, that driver earns 4 Cash.

Tags: CASH

A Limo route has a scouting cost of 20. When a driver drives an Limo Route, that driver earns 5 Cash.

Tags: CASH

An Investment route has a scouting cost of 10. When a driver drives an Investment route, they first check and see if there is another driver who has an Investment route marked with a $. If such a driver exists, they remove that mark and increase that drivers cash by 3. Then, if there are no Investment routes marked with a $ the driver marks the investment route they just drove with an $


Investments, assuming I worded it right, are like airport routes but you need someone else to drive one for it to work. The reason they cost the same is they let you transfer 3 cash across assignment.



02-12-2011 01:45:02 UTC

Took me a while to really understand how Investment Routes work. I think I wrote and then erase my comment about 10 times. Now I think they’re fair and well-costed.

However, I don’t like Posh n Limo. Airport Routes are good enough. In my opinion they would only help extend the gap between Drivers who already have a good pool and Drivers who don’t. Well, maybe some would say that would be a good thing, but I don’t :)

Thus, against

Clucky: he/him

02-12-2011 01:55:27 UTC

We currently have limits imposed on how much you can drive before you lose all your money. Even if you have five airport routes and get them to all come up, thats only 15 - barely enough for a golden route. Also they are hella expensive. For one Limo route you can get two airport routes which as long as you can drive both is better. All it does is open up more high-end options for players to explore.


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Prince Anduril:

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