Thursday, May 19, 2011

Proposal: Möbius Farm

Times out and failed, 7-10. Josh

Adminned at 21 May 2011 02:54:54 UTC

In “Farmland”, change “distance from that Square to the top row” to “distance from that Square to the leftmost column” and change the shade labeling in the Garden Patch page accordingly.

Add to “Farmland”:

Whenever a rule refers to the Plot ‘below’ or ‘above’ another Plot, this shall be taken to refer to the ordering in the Garden Patch. The bottom Plot is above the top Plot, and the top Plot is below the bottom Plot. Adjacency between Squares shall be resolved as if the bottom row of each Plot is connected to the top row of the Plot below it.

Plots of new or unidling Farmers shall be added to the bottom of the Garden Patch. As a weekly action, the Landlord may randomize the ordering of the plots in the Garden Patch.

Implementing Ely’s idea. We could add a mechanic that allows Farmers to spawn zombies at the plot immediately below them, who could then traverse all plots until killed, looping around if necessary.



05-19-2011 08:25:19 UTC

Well when you say coincidence… :P
for Note that if both this and “Join…” pass, the Ruleset would be redundant, but I don’t see brokenness.


05-19-2011 08:36:26 UTC

imperial /me ponders with the idea of only randomizing the ordering of the names and leaving the plots intact


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05-19-2011 10:59:55 UTC

against Plots of land that randomly relocate themselves seems a little too bizarre.


05-19-2011 11:05:46 UTC

While dead bodies coming back from death and fighting with plants isn’t, right?

Well let’s say they are islands on top of the carapax of some big tortoises that swap place once a week, or that they are big flying pieces of land. We might even choose the dimensional warps… :P


05-19-2011 11:49:43 UTC

Sure, it’s easy enough to come up with bizarre rationales, but I’m with Blake Snyder on this; one bizarre thing makes a mundane story more interesting, but further bizarre things on top of that begin to detract from it.


05-19-2011 12:02:57 UTC

against We are all neighbours!


05-19-2011 12:03:28 UTC

Kevan: I agree, actually, in that I went a little overboard there.

Two significantly less silly solutions would be to keep it in alphabetical order at all times, or to add each new plot immediately below a random existing plot (because we probably want a homogeneous distribution of established/richer players and newer/poorer ones). I prefer the first, because the second could lead to Farmers idling and unidling in hopes of getting a better position.


05-19-2011 12:08:58 UTC

Keba pointed out that alphabetical order could be abused; if you want to put some clear soil between you and Oze, you can just persuade a friend to join the game with the name “Paul” for a few days. The problems with random positioning are easy enough to fix; either force unidling Farmers to return to their previous position, or have their unattended Plot remain in place in their absence.


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05-19-2011 17:06:46 UTC

for I honestly don’t see the problem with randomizing Plot positions, and this is a good start to the neighbor philosophy.  We can work out the details later if we need to, since there’s no real advantage/disadvantage to being next to any particular farmer.


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05-19-2011 19:47:26 UTC

I think that the randomness in this one is even worse that a random initial placement. If I know who my neighbours are likely to be during the whole dynasty, I may create a strategy to prevent this. If I get randomly two bad placement (let’s say near a Zombie Farmer) twice in a row, and I was not ready, I’m screwed. So, I prefer mine.  against CoV

[Keba] Do you have a mechanics that would work to have all players neighbours? I’d like to see it, maybe it’s better.


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