Saturday, November 22, 2008

Proposal: Money and Employment

reached quorum, final vote 10-1—Yoda

Adminned at 23 Nov 2008 15:56:32 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule titled “Cash” with the following text:

Each Character has a GNDT-tracked statistic called “Bucks” which is an integer that can be negative. No Character may take an action that would set their Bucks to less than zero. New Characters start with 100 Bucks. As a weekly action, any Character who has an Occupation other than “Unemployed” may cash in the money from their job and add that Occupation’s Pay Rate to their Bucks.

At any time, any Character may subtract any positive amount from their Bucks, and add it to another Characters bucks.

Replace the text of rule 2.5 “Occupations” to the following:

There exists a wiki document called “Occupations”, which can only be edited as the ruleset permits.

Each Character has exactly one Occupation, which may be one listed in the “Occupations” wiki page or any other string of no more than 2 words. Each Character’s initial Occupation is “Unemployed”.

Each Occupation has a Pay Rate.  Occupations listed in the “Occupations” wiki page shall have a Pay Rate included in the listing, which may include a DICE roll.  If an Occupation other than “Unemployed” is not listed in the “Occupations” wiki page, its Pay Rate is 2DICE15 + 25; otherwise, it is as specified in the “Occupations” wiki page.  The Occupation “Unemployed” has a Pay Rate of 0.  If a Pay Rate includes a DICE roll, the DICE roll shall be evaluated each time that Pay Rate is used.

Any Character may, if his Occupation is not one of the ones listed in the Occupations wiki page, as a weekly action, change his Occupation to any valid Occupation for which he meets the requirements (if the Occupation has any requirements).

Any Occupation listed in the “Occupations” wiki page may have requirements which may include but are not limited to number of Bucks.  When a new Occupation is added to the “Occupations” wiki page, any Characters whose Occupation is that of the new Occupation have their Occupation set to “Unemployed”.

Set the Occupation of each Character whose Occupation is “unselected” to “Unemployed”.

Replace “Locations and Occupations” with “Locations” throughout the ruleset.



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