Monday, August 06, 2007

Proposal: Monkey Fixes


Adminned at 08 Aug 2007 06:10:12 UTC

Add the following text to the end of the second paragraph in the Doing the Dance rule:

If there is no monkey in a position mentioned in a move, the move does nothing and is skipped.

Add the following lines of text to the end of the rule Doing the Dance:

Transfer 1 banana from the monkey in position n_A to the monkey in position n_A+1.

Transfer 1 banana from the monkey in position n_A to the monkey in position n_A-1.

Transfer to the monkies in positions n_A+1 and n_A-1 one banana each from the monkey in position n_A.



Clucky: he/him

06-08-2007 20:26:07 UTC

for Though I think swap should be able to mention missing monkeys.


06-08-2007 20:41:16 UTC

I thought about that. It would just move the monkey then, right?

Kevan: he/him

06-08-2007 22:04:14 UTC


Oracular rufio:

07-08-2007 03:17:43 UTC



07-08-2007 12:05:58 UTC


Clucky: he/him

07-08-2007 12:12:08 UTC

against Doesn’t work with complexity


07-08-2007 16:03:18 UTC

against What does it mean ‘and is skipped’? Does the monkey lose that dance move? For how many complexity points? The points the move would have taken? 1? None?

Also, we already have an instance of that happening, in the case of Left Smash from the first position, and Right Smash from the last.

I think the first part of the proposal should be its own proposal, just because that needs to be addressed.


07-08-2007 17:46:12 UTC



07-08-2007 19:41:21 UTC


I’ll read the updated rules when I get a chance then re-propose this, unless someone else does first, which wont obther me at all.