Friday, May 20, 2011

Proposal: Monogrammatic Nomenclature

Times out 4-6 and is defeated. -coppro

Adminned at 22 May 2011 16:02:14 UTC

Reword the Rule “Planting” to:-

There exist a number of types of Plants, which are listed in the Gardening Compendium wiki page along with the attributes of each. Each type of Plant must have at least a Name, Sun Cost, a Letter and Shade Requirement. Plants may also optionally specify an effect on Gamestate, which only takes effect when the Plant is a Crop.

A Farmer may start cultivating a Plant by spending its Sun Cost; upon doing so, the Farmer may replace any empty Square in their own Plot with a Seed of that Plant (notating this on the Plot as that Plant’s Letter in lower case).

If a Square contains the Seed of a Plant whose Shade Requirement is less than or equal to the Shade of that Square, any Farmer may turn that Seed into the Crop version of that Plant (notating this on the Plot as that Plant’s Letter in upper case).

Rename “Cabbage” to “Kale”, “Walnut” to “Hazelnut”, “Peas” to “Beans”, “Pumpkin” to “Gourd” and “Watermelon” to “Melon”. Set the Letter of each Plant to the first letter of the Name of that Plant.

Reword the effect of the Sunflower from “When the Planter Harvests, e may add 15 more Sun.” to:-

When a Farmer Harvests, they also gain 15 Sun for each Sunflower in their Plot.

Had already started writing this when the previous proposal appeared; this uses upper and lower case to distinguish Seeds from Crops, tidies up the planting rule a bit, and renames some plants to make it easier to remember which letter is which.



05-20-2011 18:03:34 UTC

against I really don’t think we need to differentiate between seeds and crops in the actual plot.  In fact, we should probably just eliminate any references to seeds.


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05-20-2011 20:51:28 UTC

imperial I’m not sure it’s even possible to put a Seed in the plot, although the current rules are a little confusing in that respect.


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05-20-2011 21:35:05 UTC

ais: According to the rules right now, when you plant a seed, it automatically becomes a crop.  There is currently no way to have just a seed in a square.


05-20-2011 21:54:31 UTC

Ah, I was just trying to unpick what I thought the current rule was trying to do, given that it talks about putting seeds into plots and having those seeds turn into crops.

Maybe “seeds” could become “seedlings”, with a bit more effort required to grow them into crops - it doesn’t seem like it’d hurt to have some actual plant growth going on.


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